I’m learning

To help yourself, you must be yourself. Be the best that you can be. When you make a mistake, learn from it, pick yourself up and move on.” — Dave Pelzer

Last night as I breastfed my 7-week-old daughter and vacuuming up my 3-year-old’s dinner mess, one handed, I had a moment. One that I am not that proud of but need to be real about… I was gritting my teeth so hard there was a moment I was sure they were going to break. I was mad that I was cleaning up the same damn mess I had just cleaned up  only minutes ago during meltdown number I lost track. I was mad that my daughter refused to let me put her down or put her in one of the carriers so I could cook dinner. I was mad that I had to cook dinner because I didn’t want to have to wash anymore dishes. I was just mad.

I lashed out and looking back acted just like the three year old I was mad at. I lashed out at my husband the moment he walked in the door.  I rushed through bedtime causing tension in my home. Causing tension to my people. I ate dinner across from my Husband in complete silence, cleaned up after I had finished and went to my room. I started folding one of the two baskets of laundry sitting on the floor but gave-up after a few folded pieces. I need a break. I needed to decompose and destress because honestly, the laundry was starting to piss me off too.

I put the laundry back in the basket, dimmed the lights, then filled my diffuser with water & Lavender.  Rubbed Tranquil essential oil on my arms, Release on my chest; took a deep breath & crawled into bed under the covers, ashamed.

I felt defeated, that anger turned into sadness. Alone in my room I couldn’t help but wonder why I couldn’t have been better. Why I couldn’t have responded differently. Why I acted … reacted that way.

I know, I am human and this is probably common with all parents.  Maybe? Maybe Not. I know this will probably happen again, and I will have to ask myself for forgiveness as well as my family.  Kids, they are great & my life would feel incomplete without them but holy hell they can be challenging.

As I continue to write this two days later it all seems so simple … I should have allowed him to play outside a little longer even though it was dinner time.  I should have allowed him to draw on his sister with chalk because they can be washed off (ha – um, no). Bottom line, I need to remind myself … daily … bend, so you don’t break.

Today, as I write this, it is a new day. I have clarity and I am no longer fuming. I am no longer stuck in that moment.  I took charge of my emotions, worked out, listened to all my favorite songs, gave a few more kisses and hugs to both kids, spoke openly with my husband about my emotions and I feel great!  This whole being a Mom thing, it is phenomenal, it is a blessing, it is not a job for the weak!!  They are going to push & some days we need to remember they are children and there is no reason to push back.  Perfect example, my three-year-old: he will be mid-meltdown of the century but if you give him a hug or kiss or even sing a favorite song to him there is a really good chance he will almost immediately snap out of it, smile and say “I feel better now – I am a big boy”. Crazy to think I could learn a few things from him.

In closing … I love this crazy chaotic life.  I am going to have a few more tough as hell days but one thing I do know … those too small pass and make more room for moments like these…


we shake on it & repeat “promise” …

“I believe I can flyyyyyy” — R. Kelly
Okay not really but now that I have your attention … In our home, when we make a promise we shake on it and have to repeat “promise” – I want to make a promise to all of you…
Yesterday I was asked: “Do you notice a difference in your happiness and positivity?” my initial reaction – I smiled REALLY BIG. Hell yes, I am so much happier. I am healthier, I am much more positive and best of all so is my crew (G4 = my family).
Misconception debunked – I am not a piss in the woods, wipe my booty with a leaf kinda mama. I do not eat all organic and my superpower most days is the fact that I can eat gluten. I do eat granola and actually make it myself but that is only a funny coincidence.  I do not hunt for my food and grow all my produce (some,  not all – would love to be a little more Martha but ain’t nobody got time for that).

I am a person, just like YOU that decided one day to make a few better choices for myself and in the long run changed a whole ton of things around for myself without trying. Yes, you heard me … this lifestyle is really effortless and super healthy.

Here are a few examples:

+ every single day, you brush your teeth, so do I.
+ every single day you put on deodorant, so do I.
+ every single day you put on fragrance, so do I.

The only differences are my product choices. I do not go to the store any buy any of those items plus 13 other things I didn’t need (Target is a jerk like that – admit it).

I buy my from a company called Young Living. I don’t waste money I save money & I am boosting my immune system while brushing my teeth – bet you can’t say that?! When I apply deodorant, I am not risking breast cancer, scary I know but true! Did you know that aluminum compounds within deodorants act as a plug within the sweat ducts and temporarily stop the flow of sweat. However, these compounds can be absorbed by your skin. Just as the parabens, these compounds can mimic estrogen, which promotes growth of breast cancer cells. Like I said scary.

So how does it really save money? Well, for starters each time I use a natural, essential oil based product I am targeting specific needs within my body strengthening my immune system, supporting my hormones, boosting my cells, improving my mood … all of which are protecting my body.  This keeps me healthy which prevents any and all sick visits to the doctor. Pregnancy has been the only reason I have needed any medical assistance in the past 3 years!  My three-year-old, has not had a sick visit in two years. My husband, well he is a man and wouldn’t go even if he needed it (ha) but hasn’t. WHY? Our lifestyle changes. Along with no medical treatment, nobody in our home is on any medication. Nothing prescription and nothing OTC. We use essential oils tube proactive so we do not have to be reactive.

Another money saver … I make all of the following beauty products:

+ face serum + body lotion + + deodorant + bubble bath + hair product + cuticle cream + perfume + cologne + mood enhancers + personal intimant products + detoxes + healing products for owies big & small + sore muscles rubs + PMS aides … && more.

Sounds expensive doesn’t it? NOPE. Not at all. I save so much money making all of this stuff. I will teach you.    

I could keep going but I will end this post here, with this:

I am running a two-day cash back offer for anyone that would like to start their oil journey! Not only with you get oils, you get a diffuser and and a whole bunch of goodies from me including continued support and education to help you use your oils! If you are waiting for a sign … THIS IS IT – I PROMISE ….

March 2017 $20 off

all natural skin toner with essential oils

I have always had combination dry and oily skin. In my 20s, you could say I was in love with my skin. In my 20s I didn’t believe in sunscreen. In my 20s I should have paid more attention to what I was putting on my skin and not putting on my skin.

Now I’m my mid 30s I am trying to restore all that is lost and take care of my skin the best I can! This blend is something I recently discovered and completely fell in LOVE with!

BLEND: 20 drops patchouli essential oil + 20 drops spikenard essential oil + 40 drops organic cold pressed grapeseed oil. I apply this blend with a roller, every morning, and every night after applying my face serum + essential oils (hemp seed oil + Lavender + frankincense + Melrose)

My skin looks amazing lately! Even my husband noticed!

I used to have a love-hate relationship with patchouli oil. The scent reminds me of my mother, which I love, but there was something about it that I hated. What I did not realize was the scent of patchouli that I thought I was smelling was actually a fragrance not an essential oil… So different! I am now in love with it!

+ great for eczema and acne.
+ prevents wrinkles and chapped skin
+ relieves itching

+ helps nourish and regenerate skin
+ regarded as one of the most precious oils in ancient times, used only by priests, Kings, or high initiates

BOTTLE LABELS: http://www.GraySkyMatters.com

ESSENTIAL OILS: http://yl.pe/4gjr

the perfect pair 

Some accidents are pretty wonderful!

Yesterday, I was letting my son (almost 3) put oils on me and smell the oils of his choice. He rolled Tranquil on my arms and said “mmm thats a good one” about 20 minutes later, not thinking about what he applied, I added a drop of Patchouli to my arm … WOW this combo is amazing!!

Sharing is Caring – You’re Welcome!

If you have not ordered your Young Living Premium Starter Kit, yet and would like to, you can do so my clicking here: http://yl.pe/4gjr

+ My Member Number is 2934220.

three years later … what lead me to this.

Three years ago, I remember sitting on my couch and tossing around the pros and cons of taking a chance. I remember wanting to try essential oils but I also remember thinking that it may be a waste of money. I remember asking my husband … what do you think? I also remember him saying, “You have been talking about it for a long time, just do it.”
I did.
I got the oils in the mail and well, they sat in the box for a few days because I was intimidated and not sure where to start or what to do with them. I remember turning to Pinterest and Google for the answers, that was great BUT it also kind of overwhelmed me.

I then turned to my oily team. I know what you may be thinking …. What the hell is an oily team. WELL … it is a group of people that all have the oils, use the oils and want to live a better more natural life just.like.me (you).

I started with a simple diffuser blend: 4 drops Stress Away (one of the oils in the Starter Kit).  I was immediately hooked & it also got the attention of my Husband.

The next day, I tried a few drops of Thieves in the diffuser and remember it feeling like Christmas mixed with calmness and a sense of peace. That feeling was part the oils working and part knowing I made the right decision buying this kit.

So fast forward three years … here I am. The crazy oil girl that you all see sharing my potions, lotions, newest discovery etc. I truly use essential oils for EVERYTHING. My latest testimonies:
+ Essential Oils & Pregnancy and Recovery:
I gained pregnancy weight plus a few ice cream and donuts pounds.  I used essential oils safely throughout my pregnancy with the okay from my doctor and constant approval from my growing little baby. They helped me stay sane on days I wanted to hormone rage out of control.  They helped with all the aches and pains I was experiencing.  They helped my baby girl grow big(ish)(she is a peanut) & strong.

They helped me get through my contractions for 10 HOURS before the need for an epidural.  Essential oils helped me through the labor pain & pushing.  I was legit smiling  in between contractions and pushing and per my Husband, I didn’t even break a sweat … I have witnesses – no BS! I was calm, prepared and happy.

I use oils daily to help regulate my hormones, to help heal my body and help with the newborn lack of sleep plus toddler energy and mom & wife duties.

Yesterday my sister was shocked when she saw my stomach. It has been three.five weeks and I am only 8lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I do not have a single stretch mark and my stomach, well its pretty flat already with no exercise. Now if I am being 100% transparent I do know part of that is genetic an diet BUT I also know the essential oils, & supplements have been a HUGE contributor to this amazing result. They have kept and are keeping my healthy inside and helping tighten my skin on the outside.

+My Newborn

She is new here, Every single thing she experiences, touches, sees, smells, tastes is all new to her which means … adjusting.

Babygirl needed a little assistance with mealtime.  Also me to explain this one as a MOM (not a doctor, not a professional, not an expert, a mom) …

My daughter, just like my son is exclusively breastfed.  Both my kids took to breastfeeding really well, both latched and nursed immediately after birth.  My son & I had a hiccup free breastfeeding journey for 16 months. My daughter started off well and is still nursing like a champ but she has a few tummy issues that are causing a bit of gas and causes her to spit/throw-up after some of her feedings. Normal, yes.  Frustrating and hard to see her uncomfortable, yes.  So in comes the oils.  I have been diffusing oils which have provided a more calming environment as well as benefits to help her tummy.  I have also been using a few oils such as Roman Chamomile and Copaiba diluted based on her newborn status and I am happy to report that she has not lost a meal in two days now! Not a single one.  I didn’t allow Facebook diagnose her with colic or acid reflex or tongue tie (the list goes on and on) – I love FB don’t get me wrong BUT people are kinda crazy and can misdiagnose you / your family and cause you to panic and mistreat. FB is a bad as google sometimes. Anywho.

I love that over the past three years I have confidently become my own health advocate as well as my families. I have been doing research (actual paper books not just the internet) and learning how and why oils work.  Learning the science behind it all, from professionals.  I have been safely experimenting (not on my kids) to see what works best for me.

What I can tell you is….

+ I am happier.
+ I am healthier.

+ I am more confident.
+ I am saving a lot of money & time.
+ My family is healthy & so am I.

This list could go on and on. Have you been paying attention? I think it is apparent. This isn’t B.S. in a bottle. It isn’t a trend.

My life isn’t perfect and well oiled (ha – see what I did there!?), I still have to juggle trying to shower and when I finally get a chance to, I know there is a really good chance I will also hear a baby crying outside the door, a toddler asking me “whats that” “are you dirty” “what are you doing” a husband asking me where the ketchup is (behind the milk honey, always behind the milk), and during that shower I will have just enough time to get the important parts clean & take a few deep breaths.  I may not get around to shaving but hey, I am clean!

My toddler still is hesitant to try new things for dinner and will ALWAYS ask for chicken nuggets and string cheese that he will not eat & without fail will end up starving as soon as he gets in bed & eat a yogurt.

My laundry is washed but remains in baskets or the dryer 82% of the time.  My dishes are cleaned but I have no idea what I am going to make for dinner simply because I can’t even think about having to wash one more dish.

My point …. essential oils are great companions in life. All of life.  They help. They are amazing and I am so happy I took a chance.  Will they FIX everything with just one drop. NO. Can they help? HELL YES.

So I am offering YOU this …

STEP 1 – Trust me but more importantly, trust YOU.
STEP 2 – Take a chance and gift yourself this amazing oils kit& start your journey today.

You will get all the oils + a diffuser of your choice + a bunch of samples + a second Starter Kit FREE from me which includes all the things you need to get started so you don’t get overwhelmed. (click HERE to learn more about each of the oils in the kit)
This second kit includes:

+ Three (3) 10ml Roller Bottles with your choice of label from my ETSY shop: GraySkyMatters (I will help you decide which roller blend will be perfect for your needs)
+ One 2oz squeeze bottle so you can make a Theives Hand Purifier OR a lotion (I will provide the recipe)
+Three vegetable capsules to make ingestible capsules with (again I will help you).

+ One dropper bottle. Perfect for an on-the-go blend to use out of the home. The options are endless.
+ a tube of my DIY lip balm: Grapefruit + Peppermint using all organic, natural ingredients (comes with recipe to make your own)
+ an Essential Oil starter guide
+ Access to our private Facebook pages which provides you with continued education support, recipes, giveaways and friendships!!
If you are ready! You can CLICK HERE to order OR contact me directly to discuss your options! I am always here to help!

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Natural Immune Boosting

Every morning we start the day with an application to the feet of this Immune Boosting blend.  I use it, my husband does and so does my toddler.  I feel it is just as important if not more so, to be proactive vs. reactive when it comes to our health.

10 drops Thieves essential oil
10 drops Lemon essential oil
5 drops Frankincense essential oil
5 drops Oregano essential oil

carrier oil suggestions:
fractionated coconut oil; or sweet almond oil; or grape seed oil; or V-6

Add all essential oils to a 10ml roller bottle (available HERE) and top with your choice of carrier oil.

Apply to feet every morning before putting on shoes and every night before bed. Apply down spine when sick.

Natural Postpartum Skin Firming Recipes using Essential Oils 

SKIN FIRMING … here is what I know and what is working wonderfully for me and my body, postpartum.

Fact: I live in Florida and live in my swimsuit.

Fact number two: I am a female and can be insecure (just keeping it real) therefore keeping a healthy bikini body is important to me as I feel the best when I am proud of my body.

As most of you know, I just had a baby girl 13 days ago (so in love by-the-way).

I have already started to work on healing my body both inside and out. During my pregnancy, I gained 28lbs. Regardless of the weight in numbers, my skin stretched … far. The number one key to helping your skin regain elasticity is good ol’ H2O. There is no magic oil, pill, supplement, super food etc. Those things can help along with exercise but H2O is the best place to start. It is recommended that we drink half our body’s weight in ounces, per day.

In addition to water all day eery day, I am exclusively breastfeeding which can burn 300-700 calories per day!

Topically I am applying the following to my stomach, back and thighs:

2 drops Tangerine + 2 drops Cypress + 1 pump CelLite MagicNIGHT:
I have a 5ml bottle that I pre-mixed this blend in & topped with a rollerball top :
16 drops Patchouli + 10 drops Cypress + 10 drops Geranium + 10 drops Ylang Ylang + 2-3 pumps CelLite Magic

I throughly massage these blends into my skin for about 2 minutes per body area. Massaging your skin improves blood flow.

In addition to these topical applications, I also exfoliate my ‘problem areas’ every time I shower (I’d say every day but being honest I don’t always get to shower daily. ha. MomLife)

what you don’t see. 

+ 5:08 up. breastfeeding little miss before my son wakes.

+ 5:48 “Mama!!!!” son is awake. go to his room with daughter in tow, console him because he is crying … not sure why.

+ 6:02 try to convince the toddler that the yogurt he picked out gives him super powers like the Haulk… Never mind not the Haulk, Superman.

+ 6:19 pick out toddlers outfit but not before asking him if he wants the shorts or pants. He responded pants. Trying to put pants on, causes meltdown – he now wants shorts. Outfit doesn’t match but we are dressed.

+ 6:24 bribe toddler with iPhone… Itsy-bitsy spider… Just so he will put his shoes on and get to the car.

+ 6:36 husband & toddler in car, on their way to daycare and yoga.

+ 6:38 Resume feeding newborn.

+ 6:48 change myself and my daughter for the second time because she projectile vomited on both of us, again.

+ finish that one cup of coffee that I poured at 5:34 this morning at 6:59. cold (hold the ice, no need.)

+ 7:01, applying a few drops of essential oil to my hair after a sink bath because I honestly feel that showering may be a waste of time. I will probably get puked on again momentarily.

+ 7:11 keep a sense of humor. Get a glass of ice water, turn on some music, blog about it. I know I’m not alone.

today is a great day to have a great day. right?

39 weeks +2 days

Today at our appointment, my doctor checked my body’s progress and said that I am still 2cm dilated which I was one week ago, therefore no natural progression. She stripped my membranes and booked us at the hospital for delivery to have our baby girl!

Our check-in will be Friday night with the plan to deliver Saturday morning before noon.  I will still have a vaginal birth as planned (unless medically necessary to do otherwise) my body just needs a little help getting started as it did with my son.

As a planner and a ::cough, cough:: control-freak, I like the idea of knowing when she will be here.  I like knowing that my sister and brother-in-law now have a timeframe as to when they will be helping out with our son.  I love that we will have another weekend baby and as much as I love surprises, I love planning.

I do know, that she still can change the date at any moment but per the doctor … it looks like baby girl will enter our lives on January 28, 2017.

After my Husband and I left the appointment we decided to go out for lunch date -the last one before we are a family of four.  We went to Houston’s.  I had a Prime Rib French Dip with Fries followed by an amazing Apple Walnut Cobbler and a Decaf Coffee … it was amazing.

I choked up a few times at lunch, in the car, at home … now.  I sit thinking about the pregnancy as a whole.  NINE MONTHS, done.  There were days I prayed that wouldn’t end  because I felt like SheWoman.  There were days I fell to my knees and prayed that she would just come today.  I still love pregnancy & feel so blessed and privileged to be able to successfully house not one but two healthy babies. I will admit, the older you get the harder it feels.  All in all I feel very fortunate to have had another overall wonderful pregnancy.  It is bittersweet though.  We wait and wait for this day to come and then it does and the emotions flood in and forget to toss a life ring.

In TWO days (or sooner) we are going to meet the tiny little human we created. My heart is already exploding with love.