what ‘they’ didn’t tell me.

So here is some of the stuff they don’t tell you about being and adult + having kids … it isn’t always easy (but it is always worth it).
0288a64545269f6ce3db95f06b2fd9deMy daughter is sick, she has her first real doozy of a cold you know, that one that is so hard to see them go through but we as parents know “this too shall pass” – more than anything I know in my heart what she needs is her Mama.  The extra hugs, kisses, sways back and forth until she falls asleep in my arms kinda love all day.  The extra milk only a Mama can provide.

Here is the part they don’t tell you: they don’t tell you that calling out of work (again) because your children come first, and always will, becomes difficult.  There is a gut-wrenching guilt that comes along with having to do what is right. I know my nine-to-five (7-3) however you want to chalk it up, needs me too & I get that … so why is it so hard to do the right thing and make that call … send that email?  Does this guilt ever go away? Is this the motivation … that feeling that is actually a sign?

Until I figure that out … I will be snuggling my little until the tears and sniffles stop running.

LISTENING TO: James Bay – Scars … & the rain outside our windows (seems fitting)
DIFFUSING: Thieves + Orange Essential Oil


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