35/40: Baby Bump Files

:: 35 weeks::

oh my goodness! we are getting so close to the big day!!  We had an appointment with the perientologist and she is estimating baby girl to be approximately 5lbs,12oz & expected to gain a half pound per week until delivery which means another 8lb baby for us! Yay for healthy babies!

New with me … over all I do feel good but I do experience physical discomfort more than not. The way I am carrying is difficult for  me to find comfort. This little lady is heavy. My appetite has slowed down a bit and I find that I get slightly nauseous when I eat.  I have been eating smaller portions more frequently to manage it. No real cravings in a while just loving ice water, lots and lots of ice water.

Christmas was two days ago and bitter sweet. It was our last Christmas as a family of three (in the flesh) and the first holiday that my Husband and I have not vacationed in nine years!  I am way too pregnant feeling to be traveling right now. We had a nice time at my sisters and then just doing a lot of relaxing at the house.  I finally got around to that laundry … now to find the motivation to fold/hang it.

I still need to pack my hospital bag … what did you pack in yours?

I busted out the big balance ball last night to use for some stretching and to try and find comfort, I used it a lot at the end with our Son. Hoping it will help a bit.

This past week we also celebrated our third wedding anniversary by going to the exact spot we said “I do” – I have been with this wonderful man for nine years now and with each passing year our life just gets better and better.  We are so blessed. So very blessed…15591450_10209898450152177_3386851642179590408_o15625956_10209898450392183_883655059357783973_o15676318_10209898460392433_4821107898317082998_o


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