34/40: Baby Bump Files

:: 34 weeks ::

I am still in shock that we are at the end of this pregnancy! She will be here within the next six (6) weeks!!!  It has gone by so quickly, yet at this point kinda, sorta feels like we are standing still.

Tegan is so active, as in, she never, ever stops moving. The movements amaze me every time. I am lucky that she doesn’t practice her dance moves at night and sleeps whenI do, hopefully she will do the same when she is born.

I feel like am carrying VERY low at this point which is causing a lot of pressure and makes it uncomfortable to stand for long periods of time.  Then again on the other hand, she feels high making it difficult to catch my breath standing still – fun fun fun!  Other than that, she is sweet and treating me well.  Long, warm baths have become my favorite place to be and the most comfortable place to be.  I have been adding Cypress, Lavender and Tangerine essential oil to my baths with Epsom salt to help with the edema. The combo is very soothing and relaxing …. toddler interruptions and all.

Her nursery is all set up with the exception of mountains of clothing that still need to be washed, hung and packed in our hospital bag (still need to do that too). Over time I will add a few more decorations as I find them but it feels ready for her to be home in!

Grayson seems just as excited as the day we told him & now speaks to and of her as though she is here with us already … that I just love so much.  He reads to her, talks to her, gives kisses and talks about her.  My heart melts every single time.

We have an appointment later this week with our perientologist who will be able to give us a guess at to her weight. Right now she feels huge ::insert sarcastic laugh:: Grayson was 8.6lbs, very curious to see what little miss will be packing.

My birth plan is pretty much the same which is really no plan at all.  Go to the hospital, have the baby, get cleared and bring our precious little baby home with us and resume life as a family of four.

Thirty Four down, Six(ish) to go!


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