28/40: Baby Bump Files

:: 28 weeks ::
baby girl is getting bigger and bigger and more and more active daily.  I am so in love with this little lady already.  according to my doctor, she is right on track and so am I.  I did have to do the three hour glucose test again with this pregnancy.  apparently my body does not know how to properly use carbohydrates when I am pregnant. the test is awful and gave me serious anxiety BUT I got through it (with a few tears and a bit of queasiness) but I made it through it … now we wait for the results.

The past week has been a super busy & exciting one.  My sister threw me the most amazing, beautiful baby shower.

I was blessed with company and love from some of the most amazing females in my life.  we get older and life changes, along with those changes so do our social circles.  for me, I have realized that mine has become smaller.  if I am being honest, some days that stings but then there are days like this past weekend … celebrating the growing life inside of me & looking around to see the people that took the time out of their life to be a part of mine.  those of the really, true friends and the size of that circle no longer matters because I have the realest people around me when the important things in life happen.

I am blessed. so very blessed. 

life is good!


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