21/40: Baby Bump Files

::21 weeks ::

Switching from crown-to-rump to crown-to-heel length, she’s about 10.5″ long! That is pretty big for someone so tiny!

This past weekend we bought a double stroller!  Amazing how something so simple can feel so exciting!  We went with the City Select Jogger, it is pretty amazing!  Grayson loves it and wants to be in it all the time, he also loves the ride-along board accessory that allows him to stand and ride vs. sit. genius invention if you ask me.

Overall I feel really good still.  I attended my second prenatal yoga class yesterday which was really nice.  I am finding that yoga is making my body feel very relaxed and is helping with a few minor aches I was having. I do have to work on focus a bit more, I found myself very distracted yesterday.  I am forming a few new “hi, how are you” friendships which is nice!  Pregnancy is such a wonderful time for so many so it is comforting being in a class with women all going through the same thing at the same time.  

Over the weekend, I sent my husband on a “Dudes & Brews” guys night out. These things are important.  I think too many women forget that even though we as females are physically going through the pregnancy, they to are going through it.  It is a complete adjustment for them too. So a night out is always a good idea for the boys!  I took the time to spend the evening with a fellow pregnant friend.  It was really nice to just sit around and talk. I always say, it is the little things that make up the big things.  Her and I are only four weeks apart, I love that our babies are going to grow up together.

On Sunday, my Husband and Son do the grocery shopping.  Yesterday I was surprised with the prettiest bouquet of flowers.  I love so much that my Husband takes the time to do the little things and includes my Son.  It truly made my day. I mean seriously, look at that face!

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