20/40: Baby Bump Files 

::20 weeks::

20 weeks means I am half way through this pregnancy. HALF WAY! That excites me because I am that much closer to meeting our baby girl, but it also makes me sad in a bitter sweet way.  Focusing on the pitter-patters in my growing belly, each and every one before they are here to hold. This pregnancy has been going by so quickly but I guess that is because I am busy with a toddler that I am not just sitting around waiting as I did with him.

Baby Girl kicks are getting stronger and stronger, her Dada is able to feel them now which I just adore.

I know I say it all the time but I truly do love this part of my life, the part when I get to become a Mom, again.  Pregnancy makes me feel confident.  It makes me feel pretty and a bit more carefree.  I am making a promise to myself and my children (love the way that sounds) to continue to feel this way, be this way …
At a birthday party over the weekend I was chatting with a fellow mom-friend and we agreed … we kind of miss being bored. We also wondered why we didn’t sit and relax more with our first baby bumps when we had the chance.   I have however, learned to let the laundry go a bit longer, allow the dishes to sit so I can myself sit.  There is no rush for all the chores and daily tasks – playing with legos and monster trucks, building bed forts and chasing each other through the house is so much more fun – even if it means we are occasionally late for bed.  Soon this time and energy will be shared … as for now, it is all his. The exhaustion is so worth it, so so worth it.


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