Natural Remedy for Pregnancy Swelling 

I feel confident when I am pregnant. I feel happy. I feel comfort growing my children. I truly enjoy pregnancy in its entirety. Sure, there are a few not so wonderful side effects like water retention and swelling in places undesirable.

My daughter is very low and causes pelvic discomfort toward the end of most days. I’m learning that laying down, feet elevated and anti-inflammatory foods such as fresh ginger and turmeric have been beneficial. I use these two ingredients in a homemade tea.

In addition to that, I have been relying on a wonderful essential oil blend of tangerine, lemon, lavender, geranium, and Cypress. As carrier oils I use a blend of evening Primrose oil, Rosehip seed oil and Aragon oil.  I mix this blend in an recycled 15 mL essential oil bottle and apply a roller top for easy application.

I apply this oil blend where needed and sometimes will use an ice pack to help drive the oils in while lying down. The combination has been working wonders for me.

I highly encourage you to look up each one of these essential oils and their wonderful properties! 

4 drops tangerine oil
2 drops lemon oil
8 drops cypress oil
8 drops lavender oil
6 drops geranium oil
1 TBS organic rosehip seed oil
10 drops Aragon Oil
2 evening primrose oil capsules (about 20 drops)

mix all contents in a 15mL glass bottle and attach a roller top for easy application. apply as needed.



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