19/40:Baby Bump Files

::19 weeks::

That means I am in my fifth month already! WOW!  Baby GIRL is the size of a Mango (which is approximately 1/2 pound and 6″ in length from head to butt).  She is an active little lady!  I feel her all day long and love every single little kick, push and turn.  There is something so peaceful and reassuring about each movement.  It reminds me, I am growing a precious little baby. Sometimes it does catch me off guard and I will say “ohh” and Grayson always says “Mama, you okay? Your baby hurt?” He talks about her a lot and the way he says her name melts us, it sounds so sweet and so perfect. He gives her toys, sings her songs and gives the sweetest big kisses.
img_7434img_7435As you may have seen in our last blog post, we announced our teeny-tiny is a baby girl … we named her Tegan Shay.  We have had her name in our back pocket since June 2013! I think we both just knew one day we would have a girl and a boy.  Both our son, and now daughter’s names were the first names we said. They are perfect.

I am having so much fun planning her nursery and converting Grayson’s room into a Big-Boy room! Her nursery is going to follow a color scheme  as Grayson’s did.img_7430I was joking with my sister the other day, I truly need to exercise self control in the stores, I want to buy everything I see! I love all the cute little girl clothes minus the “Princess” stuff and the character clothing.  I want to dress her in things I would wear so probably no cupcake shirts and ladybug pants.

Along with bedroom conversions, I am also giving away clothes of Grayson’s that will not become hand-me-downs to Tegan …. willing to trade for girl clothes!  I get a lot  of requests for his t-shirts! As parents, we all know dressing our kids in an expensive addiction!  I am also looking to trade toys!  If you are interested, let me know!

My sister … AKA Aunt Jess, is pretty much the BEST!  She is throwing Tegan & I a baby shower, yay!  I am having so much fun with the registry this time.  I discovered Baby List.  I am add anything from any store all to one place! AMAZING!  This is a great way for any family to add products they use not just what is available at the typical Babies R Us.  This is so great for us because, most of you know, I make almost all of our bathroom products and now I am able to add the ingredients I need for Tegan’s body lotion, wash and diaper cream!

What are your favorite local small business owners? I love supporting small businesses when I can!

Here are a few photos from this weekend fun with Grayson .. walks through Mizner after breakfast, making fresh Ginger and Turmeric tea, Firetruck Rides, Naps on Dada and floor forts!


2 thoughts on “19/40:Baby Bump Files

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh my gosh I love these blog posts…I saw a onesie at old navy that was grey with light pink writing that’s said “smart and strong like my aunt”…I of course didn’t buy it cause that was more Graysons thing…statements shirts, it will be cool to see what she likes, I will laugh if she is anything like my friends daughter who is super girly….none of us will know what to do with her , uncle Manny will love it though hehehe..I love you , thank you for giving me the best Nephew and for giving my a niece

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