Baby G, No. 2 is a ….

a few things on the brain …. 

  1. FUN FACT: Tegan has been our girl name since June 2013.  The name came to us on a road trip to Key West and has stuck with us since. Tegan means “darling” “loved one” Shay means “a gift”.We weren’t going to announce the name until she was born but well, I wanted to call dibs on this one!
  2. We weren’t supposed to find out until next week what baby number two was going to be.  The way it happened was perfect… my Husband and I are always early to appointments (one thing that made me fall for Mr. Gallinger 8 years ago) yesterday, the nurse thanked me for always being early/on time.  Today, that paid off!  We did a little sweet talking our amazing doctor, she snuck us in an exam room and told us the precious heartbeat we have been hearing is our baby girl! I cried and smiled and haven’t stopped since!  I threw my arms around my husband and thanked him for giving me the best of both!We are so blessed. So excited. On top of the World!
  3. Having a girl did scare me at first but then a few months into the pregnancy that was all I wanted to hear … “your having a girl”!

    One concern … some people truly do not know the difference between dressing a baby girl cute and that fine line between making them look like a Pomeranian in a stroller.  You all know exactly what I mean!  There is such think as too many ruffles & bows!  If you have to second guess it, don’t buy it or be sure to bring a receipt haha.

    Our baby girl will most likely be the ruler of the house but she will not grow up thinking she is a princess.  Lord knows we don’t need a self entitled brat haha.  Converse and tutus are perfectly fine with me!

  4. Nursery … I cannot wait to decorate her room! I have secretly been stashing things for the past few months – I think depo down inside I just knew!
  5. I wish people were always this kind and loving.  Pregnancy is once again when I feel the best.  When I feel the prettiest and most confident.  I can’t explain it but there is something inside me that changes. I love the way people are to me and how I am to myself….



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