18/40: Baby Bump Files

:: 18 weeks ::
according to “What to Expect” our baby is approximately 5.5″ and 5oz.  think sweet potato!! did you know that the measurements provided by these companies are from head to butt, that doesn’t include the baby’s legs? kind of awesome knowing a baby grows that.fast, so fascinating to me!

pitter, patter, bump, bump, bump … I have entered my favorite part of pregnancy & it only gets better from here – the movements!  This precious little baby of ours is a mover and a shaker and I cannot stop smiling!  I love the constant reminder; as if the growing belly wasn’t a big enough reminder (pun intended).  I feel I am right on track with the pregnancy & feel pretty great!  we have a routine check-up this week which I always enjoy and next week we find out the gender!!!!!

little mister still wants a sister. he loves singing to my belly it melts me, how did I get so lucky! being a parent is the real deal.  it’s amazing and rewarding and hard stuff, some days it is really hard, but I am confident that Lucas and I are doing the best we can.  and you know what?  I am proud of us for that

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