Glowing Skin Face Serum DIY Recipe

Most of you know, I make most of my own beauty products, and a few of you have asked me how!
One of my all time favorite DIYs I make is face serum. I love making it because I have complete control over what goes in it which means I can add and subtract ingredients based on my body’s changing needs.
So, as a pregnant women in her 30’s, my requirements are much different than that of a 20 year old (man oh man do I miss that glow – anywho). I have finally, after a few modifications, found the PERFECT combination for my skin.
My skin type is usually sensitive, dry and prone to spot breakouts. This blend has restored elasticity, cleared up slight dark spots & helped with overall smoothness while keeping my face blemish free! I call that a total win!
Here is the simple recipe I use.

Glowing Face Serum-3.png



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