Reminders to Self

slow down. put away distractions. the laundry can wait. teach your children the little things like how to make a grilled cheese. play-doh. a smoothie. show him how to be a big helper and let him unload the groceries with you. teach them how to fold a towel. make a bed. dance like no one is watching. let him have a naked day in the house. take the time to let him jump over every sidewalk crack. put extra bubbles in his bubble bath to make him smile. let him try on your shoes if he wants to. allow him to unlock the door even if it takes .for.ever. allow him to help fill the diffuser at bedtime: Lavender and Peace and Calming, II. rock him in the rocking chair that he now pours over the arms of. make a cup of hot tea and drink  it sitting down. never stop writing. keep creating. remain passionate. ask for grace when you need it. be the kind of friend you want in life. love your husband like you just met him. smile. don’t forget to smile. be silly.

hold on to the little things, after all they are in fact the big things…



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