14/40: Baby Bump Files

:: 14 weeks ::
We are officially in the SECOND TRIMESTER!!!!

Baby is the size of a small squirt gun!  That is about  3 ½ inches long and about 1 1/2 ounces!  For those of you that like produce comparison, that is about the size of a Lemon!We have our next appointment tomorrow, I am hoping our doctor can take a peek and maybe tell us Boy or Girl!

I do feel like this pregnancy is going by so quickly. As much as I love that I will meet out little baby in only five more months, I want it to slow down a bit. Well, maybe once we get to the stage where I am feeling the flutters and kicks (my favorite).

At this point in the pregnancy all I want to do is eat.  Its insane!  Thankfully I haven’t gained a lot of weight (yet), just roundness.  I have cravings this time which I didn’t during my first.  At that time I felt jipped – now that I have them (a lot of them) I think its kinda silly and at times inconvenient especially when I do not have that item on hand.

Recent cravings: cilantro; nutella; peanut butter; pickles; avocado toast; cherry pie.

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