oh, Son-Day

Son-Day Funday started at 4:30 a.m., due to continuing belly ache accompanied by painful diaper rash. Our poor baby can’t even sit down without discomfort. My heart hurts.

After I cleaned and consoled him, we turned on the sound of thunderstorms on a YouTube channel and laid back in bed for another two hours. After waking up, again, I made the family multi-grain pancakes which everyone seemed to devour.

I then covered the living room with towels and brought one of his potty chairs out because today my son will be pant-less. In addition to the “let it dry out” method I am also using a combination of ClaraDerma and Gentle Baby for his sensitive, pained and irritated skin – TummyGize for his belly.I am diffusing Purification to help cleanse and relax the atmosphere. Orange in my ice water, Valor on my chest and back of my neck and Stress Away on my forearms.

Sometimes in life we just need a little push in the right direction to gather momentum. We need the opportunity to nurture our emotional needs, giving our soul well deserved attention that most times goes neglected. That being said, I think it’s pretty neat that I have these uplifting oils at my disposal to help me out if I need it. This morning I felt defeated, as I write this, I am feeling hopeful and relaxed. I am prepared to spend the day mothering the best I can to my little one. I am not saying that you just rub oils everywhere and feel completely better, but man-oh-man do they help. I am thankful for them.


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