13/40: Baby Bump Files

::13 weeks::004

Our baby is the size of a Matchbox Car!  About 3″ long!  The baby is also developing vocal cords at this stage in development & we are now one week away from the second trimester!matchboxToday I feel great, over the weekend I was emotional and cried a lot over pretty much nothing. Fun times *insert sarcasm*

During one of my lovely tear-filled moments this weekend my amazing, kind generous, sweet Husband handed me a unexpected gift.  I opened the package and removed a tank-top excited and confused… it was the “Feed Me & Tell Me I’m Pretty” tank top I posted on Facebook the other day with the photo comment:

when I was pregnant with Grayson I didn’t have cravings and that upset me. Now, I want food 24/7, all the food. Donuts, Pizza, Cheesey Mashed Potatoes, Bubble Tea, Tacos and Crab Legs all came to mind today. The struggle is in fact real and so in the size of this baby nest of mine.

p.s. Grayson started rumors at daycare yesterday and told everyone that he has a sister. ha.

This was the SWEETEST gift! The timing was perfect and it truly made the rest of my day go in a different direction.  Pregnancy is amazing and pregnancy is emotional.  I am the crying type. Let the good times continue to roll.

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Today Big Brother decided to measure me & baby as soon as we walked in the door he ran to the tape measure and demanded I sit on the couch, lifted my shirt and said “Here you go Baby” it was so sweet, only wish I knew what was going on in his head.

He sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to the baby too. According to him, the baby is still a Sister…

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