12/40: Baby Bump Files

:: 12 weeks::
img_6736Our little teeny-tiny is just over 2 inches long and weighs about half an ounce! About the size of a toy soldier.silver-army-men-setThis past week I have been trying to fight off a cold. Being pregnant and under the weather is anything but a joy ride. But I am dealing with it day by day as I know, this too shall pass. I have been trying everything natural under the sun, apple cider vinegar, raw honey, crushed garlic cloves, tea, rest and my essential oils. Looking back at my pregnancy journal with my son, coincidentally around the same time in my pregnancy I also had a cold. Maybe this is just how my body reacts around this time. After-all, my body is doing a lot of work right now!

A good friend of mine gave me some really great hand-me-down maternity clothes. I am so blessed and so grateful! It truly is amazing how much quicker the belly appears the second time around! Even though I have only gained 1.5lbs the bump is visibly there!

We have our names picked out which is really exciting! Only a few short weeks before we will know if baby no.2, is a he or a she! What’s your guess? I still do not have a gut feeling. Some days based on symptoms I feel like it is a bot because the pregnancy feels very similar to when I was pregnant with Grayson.  Other days I feel it is a girl because of the different feels and side effects like nausea and my skin (neither were an issue with Grayson). girl-or-boy gender reveal baby pregnant 20 week ultrasoundGrayson and I spent yesterday morning making fresh squeezed orange juice and then used the peels as starter pots for our sweet peppers I am going to try and grow.
010013005015018When I was pregnant with him, we planted a pomegranate bush, pineapple and two avocados trees (both of which our lawn guys mowed over, boo)!  I have started a new avocado!  I think gardening is part of my nesting. That and crafting, I just love projects!  My newest project is personalized coffee mugs and glasses which will be added to my Etsy store very soon!

Three months down, six to go!

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