10/40 : Baby Bump Files

:: ten weeks ::
Baby is the size of a Lego Man.
My family and I spent the last week in Siesta Key, Florida for the Fourth of July holiday. It was such an amazing little town. A sleepy town with just the right amount of excitement for us.

We did a lot of walking around every day, 30 miles not including the beach walks (thanks FitBit for keeping track). Needless to say my milkshake and donut decisions were justified … this Mama needs a hot bath and foot massage!!

This trip was bittersweet. It was our first vacation while pregnant with baby no. two & most likely our last before he or she arrives. I tried to soak it all in even when I was a bit exhausted. Hard to wrap my head around there being two little hearts to love THIS much.

One of my favorite activities we shared was shell hunting.

We had so much fun searching for the perfect shells and came home with a bit bucket full!img_6571img_6572img_6570We watched the sunrise in our pajamas and even played in the water a bit!img_6574We watched the sunset in the sand followed by fireworks over the ocean. It was magical! Grayson was in such awe of the “big boom” and exclaimed his excitement after each POW!img_6565img_6553Every night ended with couch cuddles and diffusing of Lavender and Stress Away for a relaxing and great night of sleep.
img_6477One night while out for dinner, we asked Grayson if the baby was a boy or a girl. His response… baby a Girl.
We shall see!


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