Announcing the Baby Name

Baby Names.png
With our Son, we waited until the day he was born to share his name with anyone.

Our reasons:

People have a tendency to make it their story.
Example One: “Oh wow, I know 10 people with the name _________”
Example Two: ” I went to school with a girl named _____, she was such a b_tch”
Example Three: “I had a cat with that name when I was eight”

We didn’t want opinions.
We loved the name we decided on for our son.  We didn’t care to hear if the name was liked, loved or hated by anyone because we loved it and that was all that mattered.

People are far less likely to express their opinion once something is announced as fact.  In this case … WELCOME OUR SON _________, TO THE WORLD!

“______, wow that is a different name”

“_______, like the fruit?”

Don’t do that, just don’t. It is rude.

The Option to Change.
We didn’t BUT if we wanted to change the name, we could.  I am sure this happens for most couples trying to pick the perfect name for their child.  We wanted that option as well, if we decided to change our mind we could without questions.

So what about this time? This time I am kind of torn.  A few of our friends, acquaintances and co-workers are pregnant  and well we really love the names we picked, again.  I kind of want to call dibs this time around.  As it is, there are already four people in our circle going with the same name. BUT you see what just happened? I made the reference to everyone else’s babies names. ha. Tough decisions!

Maybe we will wait until we find out if this little is a misses or mister & then decide.

What did you do?


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