9/40: Baby Bump Files

:: nine weeks ::


9 weeks || baby no. 2

Our baby is now the size of an Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly! This specific butterfly is usually 21 to 29 mm (0.83 to 1.14 in) wide – and weighs just a fraction of an ounce.  img_6360

“Butterfly” is the nickname my Husband gave to me when we first met over 8 years ago!

I am a sensitive person by nature. Pregnancy makes me (& those around me) even more aware of just how sensitive. Sometimes it’s funny, other times annoying and then there are the other times that it just sucks. Like who cries at the grocery store?!? Or in the car, driveway, watching a commercial, brushing their teeth….. Hormones are hilarious and cruel.  I suppose sensitive is better than mean.img_6394I have been relying on a few essential oils to help me stay cheerful & balanced internally. Valor & Release have become my daily perfume and help balance all the ups and whoas! Orange essential oil is cheery and helps wake me up when I need that extra boost!

Overall I feel pretty great. Sluggish here and there accompanied by a few headaches but all pretty manageable. I have learned to do the sit test BEFORE I leave the house because pants feel much different while standing vs. sitting these days! I must eat before I go to bed or I wake up with a headache most mornings.

There is a need for slight clothing modification such as the rubber band through the button-hole trick!

Grayson is being told daily about the baby and reminded that he is the big boy and that we love him very much.  We are getting him excited about being a brother and having a new baby to love. He pokes and kisses my belly and refers to it as “The Baby” so adorable.  Yesterday when I asked him what the baby’s name was he said “Coco … Coco the boy” – pretty sure we will pass on that name. ha.

img_6380Its exciting and hard to imagine that our “baby” boy is going to be the “big boy now! img_6381Our first “big” appointment is this week! We will be able to hear our little precious baby’s heartbeat! I remember when we had this day with Grayson in my belly. I remember hearing the beats & the world stood completely still. It took our breath away & gave the whole being pregnant adventure a new dimension!

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