8/40: Baby Bump Files

:: eight weeks ::
img_6286-1This precious little baby of ours is growing, growing, growing. He or she is currently the size of a 1/2 lego brick! I feel like my stomach is protruding much quicker than it did the first time around. I have also heard this is very normal. I feel like it looks like a food baby at this point, some of it might be!
We have made Grayson aware of his Big Brother status and he seems to like the idea. Every time I ask him “where is the baby” he say “baby in Mama belly, yes” & sticks his finger directly in my belly button ::squirm::

Here he is doing exactly that while on FaceTime with his Aunt. So sweet that she took a screenshot of this moment.
He has been extremely sweet and cuddly the past few days, even more than usual. This sweetness comes with hundreds of hugs and kisses and repetition of “I hold you” – I love it so much! I am a cuddler so this is pretty much the best thing ever.
One thing I sort of forgot about from my pregnancy with Grayson is the beautiful feeling of calmness that comes when growing a human. I feel a constant presence of comfort that I am taking care of my baby all day long, no matter if I am working or getting groceries. It is a special feeling. It is an awesome responsibility and makes rather challenging tasks seem manageable. because, hey!

I am making a human so I can do just about anything. right??

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