Why we Announced our Pregnancy this Early

Tuesday, it is kind of a random day in the week – a filler if you will. Nothing truly significant happens on  Tuesday …

Unless you take a pregnancy test and that pretty pink, second line appears.

YES!!! Baby Gallinger no.2, is on the way!  We found out late May that we were going to have another baby!!!!

We am so-over-the moon excited!  I cannot wait to see what our family of four will be like.  One thing I do know is our baby already has an amazing Father and Big Brother.  Blessed is the best word to describe how I feel … I am going to be a Mama, again!  Life truly is beautiful!

We decided to announce a little sooner than we did with our first child.  Yesterday afternoon, Father’s Day, we announced on Facebook and Instagram that we were expecting our second baby.

Brother.jpgWhile some may be asking (or talking) is that “normal“—announcing before we hear a heartbeat, before we hit the second trimester milestone. “Normal?” … Probably not for most.

So why—at 8 weeks pregnant—does everyone know our little secret? I’ll tell you.  Here is why announcing our pregnancy early was the perfect thing for us:13442453_10208224068213675_8013569896678696082_o1. I’m Excited, I Want You to Be Too

This second baby of ours is a miracle. A wonderful addition to our family and someone we hoped and prayed for very much. I’m excited! When I’m excited about something—a vacation, promotion or a milestone one of my children achieved—I want the world to know. Same goes for my pregnancy.

2. I Need Grace

Seeing that this is my second go-around, I know what’s coming. Right now I’m just tired, but before I know it I’m going to be really tired and maybe cranky too. I need those around me to understand that it’s not just me, it’s me hyped up on first trimester pregnancy hormones. Give me grace when I snap or run late or can’t make it to your party because I fell asleep at 6 p.m.

My people, my tribe, the ones who know me in person and online, they’ve been ushered into both the ugly and the beautiful of my life.

3. Life Is Precious

You get those pregnancy emails too, right? The ones that chart out exactly what’s happening at your baby’s stage of development? Isn’t it amazing to read what’s happening in those single-digit weeks of growth? Mind Blowing! At just 8 weeks, my little baby has a racing heartbeat; their eyes, mouth and nose are forming; and their brain, muscles and bones are taking shape. Life is precious and I celebrated the growth of my children, no matter how big or small.b bear4. It Felt Right

What’s right for me may not be for you, but don’t let “the rules” dictate when you announce your pregnancy. I called, texted and told family less than an hour after I got a positive pregnancy test. Others in my close circle found out in the following days, when I was barely 5 weeks pregnant. Officially, my entire social media circle learned of our impending bundle at 8 weeks. It felt right to share our joy from the very beginning. Plus, it was Father’s Day and that is a day to celebrate being a father! He is a pretty outstanding one, too!
Papa Bear5. Transparency Builds Relationships

The thing I love most about motherhood is how common experiences bring us together. Pregnancy is often the highlight of that, since nothing can bring two women together like chats about heartburn and baby names (this baby’s name will also remain our little secret until they enter the world as we did with our first). If I can jump into the pregnancy chatter a few weeks early, bring it on, I can’t wait to be in the preggo circle again!

My husband nodded in agreement.
usSome of you may be thinking …. but what about IF there is a miscarriage?  This is a common reality and I know that. I have been there for both family and friends that have gone through this.  So in the case that my pregnancy ends and I don’t get to snuggle a baby come January, all those people I told? I’m going to need their support just as much as I’d need it in throughout a pregnancy. My people, my tribe, the ones who know me in person and online, they’ve been ushered into both the ugly and the beautiful of my life. I hope the vulnerability of that spectrum makes me real; someone who can share in your joys, someone who can give you grace when you need it and join with you in transparent community as we warrior on through motherhood.

And so, with overwhelming excitement and anticipation I shout from the rooftops: I’m pregnant! There is a baby in my belly and before you know it, I’ll be giving birth! And this baby? I love him or her so much already! Eight weeks of love is growing at an exponential pace and I’m absolutely honored to tell you all about it.
what?“Making the decision to have a baby is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” — Elizabeth Stone


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