e i g h t

date: june 14, 2008
location: 26° 7′ 18″ N / 80° 8′ 37″ W
event: fbvt volleyball tournament

eight years ago, on a day similar to this, I met my forever. i’m happy to report that we laugh just as much today as we did then. i’m also happy to report that we’ve grown a lot over these years. we got married & became each others forever.  we bought our first home together where we are building memories and a family. we have a beautiful two-year-old boy full of equal parts spunk and love. we have matured, we have explored, we have taken chances.  together we have lost loved ones and gained strength in each other.  we have learned to be weak only to realize we are each others strength. we have each other!

 this is only the beginning of our love story …

happy day we met, anniversary!

day 1

the day we met

day 1 2

the day we met – June 14, 2008


the day he asked me to be a Gallinger

wedding day

the day we became Husband & Wife


moments before we became, the three of us


the moment we became a family of three


l o v e


8 years later


my beautiful life


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