The Power Strangers Possess

“Her name is Gertrude and she’s classier than I’ll ever be” —Renata Stone

Do you ever meet someone and without truly knowing who that person is, you find that they inspire you? Allow me to explain ..When a friend (in the flesh) on social media has a friend that is tagged in photos, along on adventures, etc., one can already feel connected for lack of a better word.  You see these faces over and over again causing that individual to become familiar.

Sometimes, these Friends become categorized into “People You May Know”.  Me, being curious by nature, I sometimes look at these people/profiles.  The last time this happened I met  Renata Stone.

She is inspiring, she is a free bird, an adventurer, an artist.  Her blog posts and photos continue to inspire me to dig deeper within myself and allow my own creativity to materialize.

I often doubt my ideas and allow them to remain sketches in notebooks, the ones that collect dust.  Lately, I feel my inner spark creating flames and I feel I owe some of that to a prefect stranger because she chooses to share her own passions and art with the world.

Today, I am thankful for The Power Strangers Possess.


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