Choose Enjoyment

Instead of making your work a burden, make it a blast. Have fun with it, no matter what it may be.

As long as you’re spending the time, you might as well spend it enjoyably, and that’s a choice you can always make. Plus, when you enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll naturally do it with more creativity and effectiveness.

Remember, it’s not the task, or the situation, or the people that determine how much fun you’re having. It’s you, and your attitude.

It makes no sense to fight against what you’re doing. Do yourself a favor and choose to enjoy it.

Imagine empowering yourself, just by the way you decide to look at your situation. With an attitude of enjoyment, increased power is yours.

Make life more enjoyable by deciding to enjoy more of life. Choose to enjoy, and experience how powerful that choice can be.

— Ralph Marston


Joy – uplifting and great for emotional balance and overall happiness.

Inner Child – helps you connect with your authentic self.

Oola Fun – Fun is a very unique category to you. It is whatever activity or hobby you are personally passionate about. If you don’t have time for fun, then you need more fun in your life!

Oola Faith – Faith is defined as a complete trust or confidence in someone or something. It is your purpose in life. How you see your place in this world is something that you need to explore to attain Oola.

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