Petrochemical Protocol Detox

I just completed a 21-Day Petrochemical Protocol Detox using essential oils.  My reason for this detox was to rid my body of years of built-up toxins in my body!

I highly recommend you read more by visiting: Petrochemical Weight Loss with Essential Oils by Tiffany Rowan before beginning this wonderful detox!  Tiffany is the creator and her article and video has a lot of helpful information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I personally did not do this protocol to lose weight.  I did it to rid my body of toxins.  I was sure to workout throughout the detox to maintain my weight with a goal to gain a few pounds (muscle weighs more than fat). I do know people that have lost weight throughout this protocol.  Results we vary from person to person based on your personal lifestyle.

3 – 15ml bottles of Citrus Fresh essential oil
1 – 15ml bottle of Juva Cleanse, essential oil – OR –  1- 5ml bottle of Ledum
3 – 5ml bottles of Grapefruit Vitality, essential oil – OR – 1-15ml bottle of Grapefruit, essential oil
21 Size “00” Vegetable Capsules 

1 large glass jar or bottle to mix the oils in (I used a recycled vitamin jar that I cleaned out)
3 dropper bottles ( I bought mine HERE)
a mini funnel for easy transferring (I bought mine HERE)

LOTS OF H2O … I suggest upping your water intake throughout this detox to help the flushing system!

img_4633I poured the three (3) bottles of Citrus Fresh plus 5ml (85 drops) of the Juva Cleanse essential oil into my large mixing bottle.  If using Ledum, you will use the entire 5ml bottle. Gently swirl to mix and allow the mixture to sit overnight to evenly distribute.
img_4634img_4635The following morning, I evenly distributed the oil mixture into the three (3) dropper bottles.  I then easily used one bottle per week of the detox. Reminder, this is a 21-day detox (3 weeks).

I started on Wednesday, March 23, 2016. Here was my BEFORE measurements and photos:

106 pounds

31.5″ at the largest part of my stomach/waist (lower just above hips)
27.5″ at my natural waistline


Day 1  / Week 1: Petrochemical Protocol Detox

Every morning I applied one-and-a-half droppers of the Citrus Fresh + Juva Cleanse mixture to my mid-section and rubbed it in allowing it to absorb before getting dressed.  The oils is ‘neat’ so it does absorb rather quickly.

At night before bed, I applied the same amount to my midsection.  I also took one vegetable capsule with 10 drops of Grapefruit Essential Oil in it and went to bed.


Week One (days 1-7): regularity, other than that not much difference

Week Two (days 8-14): I started seeing slimming on my sides and on my back.  Continued regulation and an increase in energy.  Also, I did feel in a better mood.


Week 2 : Petrochemical Protocol Detox

Week Three (days 15-21): I started noticing tightening of my skin.  Overall I felt more defines and loss of the bloating feeling. I feel “cleaner” for lack of a better description.


106 pounds

30″ at the largest part of my stomach/waist (lower just above hips)
27″ at my natural waistline

OVERALL OUTCOME: I highly suggest that everyone do this!  It is amazing to know that our fat is storing YEARS of disgusting toxins.  I truly do feel great and knowing that I have cleansed myself makes me feel even better!!

Day 1 || Week 2 || Last Day


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One thought on “Petrochemical Protocol Detox

  1. Brittany says:

    So awesome! I feel like doing this cleanse just helps push you into wanting to be even more conscious of what your putting in your body during in after. Our bodies really take a beating with the toxic overload — our livers must hate us! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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