It is Time to Move!

I have been consistent with working out this week & in the short period of time I feel really great! I have more energy, I am happier (seriously), I wake up feeling ready to take on the day AND I look forward to working out again!

Friends, it is time to take control of your health.

It makes me so unbelievably sad to see so many people letting their heath go. Or not caring at all for that matter. So many people gaining weight. So many kids following in their (your) footsteps. Our kids deserve us to be healthy not only because we are better parents when we are healthy, but because we don’t want our kids to loose us because we didn’t take better care of ourselves.

I just got lazy, I have always been skinny which most would think is a great, I hear: “lucky you” but it isn’t lucky at all!

Skinny-fat is a thing. I have very little muscle tone. After having my son I lost the pregnancy weight and figured, thats good enough. NOPE. I dont feel great about me.

I look in the mirror and hate what I see so I have decided, it is time to change!

LEFT: this was my body the moth I found out I was pregnant
RIGHT: nine months pregnantIMG_4969

I miss how I used to feel and look.

Find what works for YOU. Give up a NetFlix show or two and take a walk, drink water instead of soda (diet does not mean you made a good decision). Small steps are a great start!

What moves you? What motivates you? My current motivational tools:

– New workout clothes
– planned vacation that will be spent in a bikini
– making playlists (RunHundred is pretty awesome)
– ordered a FitBit
Essential Oils: En-R-Gee, OrthoSport, PanAway, Lemon, Grapefruit
– Young Living, Multi Greens & NingXia Red
– playing with Grayson more, physically running with him (so much fun!)

Would LOVE to share at-home workout ideas! Please post below!

free weights.jpg


4 thoughts on “It is Time to Move!

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Skinny-fat is a thing”…thank you! I get so tired of people’s assumptions that skinny people don’t need to workout or eat well. Health is wealth.

    Liked by 1 person

    • grayskymatters says:

      I mean I get it BUT it is frustrating to feel and explain. I have never had to lose weight but I have had to gain it which seems just as hard! Instead of being called fat, I hear “you are too thin” it stings the same.


  2. Sarah says:

    3 things make my body and mind feel good, eating healthy, staying active and getting my personal development. Starting GoFitastic helps keep me motivated and some people like to have a support team and a place to feel safe and ask questions and share stories 🙂

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