Ultimate Roller Recipe List

This is such a great post! Tons of great roller recipes!


I’ve compiled from every corner of the earth (internet) all the roller ball recipes I could find. I like to hoard all sorts of recipes for “later when I plan on doing xyz”. This will be my master list of every roller ball recipe for essential oils that I find, or come up with on my own – conveniently in one place! Keep in mind, with the FDA cracking down on medical claims, some of the names of these rollers had to be changed – which required being a bit creative. If you are curious what a roller is for, message me and I’ll clarify.

At the end of the post I will have several quick links for materials needed to make these.

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One thought on “Ultimate Roller Recipe List

  1. Moira says:

    Thanks for the follow! It’s always heartening when I see young people–especially young mothers, aware of their health, the health of their family, the products they use, etc. You have a beautiful family. -Moira

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