Store Brand Essential Oils are filled with Synthetic Chemicals

A lot of the Essential Oils found at your stores and even local health food store have synthetic chemicals in them.

Even if they are labeled “100% pure” that labeling doesn’t really mean anything. Anyone can say that on their bottle which is why it is so important to understand the difference between a regular store brand essential oil vs. a therapeutic grade essential oil such as Young Living.

The lower price, the lower the grade essential oils which are made up of synthetic chemicals that are not good for you or at the very least, are not going to have the same therapeutic value that a high quality essential oil will have. 

Basically, low grade essential oils are equivalent to a cheap air freshener.


Why Young Living Essential Oils?

Learn more about the Young Living, Seed to Seal promise HERE. You may also visit my previous blog post ESSENTIAL OILS + FAQ’S.


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