Mamas have Temper Tantrums Too!

shame on me. as I sit in my timeout reflecting on how the morning went I shake my head, at myself.  once again I allowed the little nothings turn into frustrations instead of seeing what I see now.  WHY is it so hard to see these things IN the moment rather than after you feel like a jerk. REALITY: we do not have redo buttons.

What I saw:
-my son, not listening to me and running through the wet grass and dirt to chase ducks… too close to the road.
– muddy footprints on my car seats
– leaving the house 4 minutes later than I want to

What really was happening:
– he was proud of himself that he was able to get the ducks to “get out of here” (something we taught him to do).
– he was proud that “I did it!!”
– he was excited to run through the yard and giggle  I am human and I make mistakes such as these. sometimes I repeat them.  I am learning to react differently and get out of my own way.  The seats can be washed, the dirt on his shoes can be wiped off, the 4 minutes “late” still made me 20 minutes early for work. The smile on his face … thats all that should have mattered.

as we drove to daycare he started talking to me saying bus, truck, mama, oils (I now have a car diffuser) it reminded me to turn it on and turn my attitude off.  I turned the music up and his song was on ..”WELCOME TO MY HOUSE!” we jammed, we smiled and I let go.  I was done having a temper tantrum, one that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

 as we walked down the hall he asked if he could “walk, please” – as I put him down a flood of emotion took over.  my baby is going to be TWO in one week, this is only the beginning… we bend so we don’t break.     
Today’s oils for Mama: Grounding on my wrists, Bergamot in my water

For my Little: Peace and Calming II + Orange + Lavender (roller blend) on wrists, on neck. Immune Booster on Feet.

Children keep us in check.
Their laughter prevents our hearts from hardening.
Their dreams ensure we never lose our drive to make ours a better world.
They are the greatest disciplinarians known to mankind.
-Queen Rania of Jordan


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