Valentine Gifts Without the Sugar – Sensory PlayDoh using Essential Oils

I love being a daycare Mama.  I love when they have class parties because it gives me an opportunity to make and share some of our favorite essential oil DIY projects.  I always opt for sugar free treats for the kiddos!  Today, my son’s class is having a Valentine Party so I decided to make PlayDoh using Young Living Orange Essential Oil.

PlayDoh is a HUGE hit on our house not only is it fun but when incorporating essential oils it is great for our kids health.   How you ask?  When our little ones are playing, the essential oils in the PlayDoh are entering the body by inhalation and also topically through the hands.

Fun Fact … Essential Oils molecules are so small that they have the ability to enter the blood brain barrier. By direct inhalation and/or diffusing essential oils the aroma causes the olfactory nerve to send messages to the limbic part of the brain which activates thoughts, emotions, and memory.

Did you know … Orange Essential Oil offers a sweet, peaceful aroma that can promote a sense of peace, harmony, and creativity. It is wonderful for cellular support, emotional balance and is up-lifting. I love Orange PlayDoh for times when our moods need a little adjusting.

A few of my other favorite Essential oils to use in our DIY PlayDoh are: 

Stress Away – for when we need to calm down and refocus.
Lavender – great before nap or bed time to promote calmness.
Thieves – sniffles? coughs? this is where we turn to.
Peace and Calming – perfect for those not so great days and bad attitudes.

Here is the recipe I use.  It is SO simple that it takes less than 5 minutes & it so much fun to make!

Sensory PlayDoh Recipe

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