We Bend So We Don’t Break

We started our morning again with tears and temper tantrums, nos and throwing Cheerios.  Being a parent has it obstacles, sometimes daily, but we learn to get through them.  I will be the first to admit, somedays are much harder than others.  Somedays are much easier than others.

When I began using essential oils, my reasoning was different than it is today.  The way I use them and how often I use them is much different today.

Today I know that you can’t reason with an almost two-year-old.  You just can’t.

This morning as I took a deep breath as I unscrewed the roller bottle top of his Calm Down blend.  I knew that within a few minutes the fog would start to lift.  I applied the oils behind his ears and on the back of his neck.  Through the tears, he allowed and welcomed the application (I know that he knows they help).

Within a few minutes the crying subsided and the Cheerios that were once scattered all-over the floor were now being shoveled into his mouth.  He wasn’t smiling but he wasn’t upset anymore.

By the time we piled into the car and left the driveway we were singing “Old Truck Donald”.

Essential oils provide emotional support for not only myself but for my family.  This is how we bend so we don’t break.


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