Cedarwood & Lavender Kisses

tonight after closing the door to my child’s room, after our twenty-eighth ninth kiss goodnight, I stood in the hallway and listened…

it is amazing how fast your little becomes big. I feel as though it were just yesterday I was rocking him to sleep, all 8 pounds of him. Now my almost 30 pound “baby” can do it all by himself. Every night he gathers his favorite stuffed animals, his blanket, turns on his diffuser, walks to his crib and tells me good night.

as I sit here in silence drinking my tea, and listening to the soft whispers of cedarwood & lavender fill the air down the hall – I can’t help but smile at how far we have come in these past two years and smile even harder at how much further we have to go.

my life is truly beautiful in so many ways. I feel so blessed in my personal life, my marriage, as a mother, sister and friend. I am happy with my career and also about daily my passion to share my oily journey. I am just happy .

over the weekend we brought my son to get his first haircut.  I cried, he didn’t. He was a perfect little boy and looks ridiculously handsome!

Hard to grasp the fact that I am going to have a two-year-old next month!




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