I want to run away today, but first, let me make you a snack

648 days ago I became a mother. I knew my world was going to change, I just didn’t know how much.

“Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.” — C.S. Lewis

We are entering the TWOS and I am not going lie, this chapter is no joke. I am discovering things about myself daily and on some days it makes me laugh, on others I cry … hard.  I am learning that my patience isn’t one of my strengths and that the sound of a temper tantrum is my weakness.  I am embarrassed and ashamed that I react before I calm down. This kills me about myself.

Q: Parents, How do you Deal? 

I am learning and more times than not I find myself struggling.  The moment I am away from the situation I feel stupid and sad for getting frustrated. I know I am not alone.

I am not one to attend Pitty-Parties because I think they are pretty lame, but here I am, dressed up and having a drink….



One thought on “I want to run away today, but first, let me make you a snack

  1. shoes says:

    Do not be too hard on yourself. Each day is a new day, move forward with the knowledge and experience you gained from the day before. And eat chocolate or ice cream – whatever your vice – every night. It will be ok. You and your children will make it through. I struggled with the two’s with my youngest – well really from his birth to about age three or so. It is hard. Be good to yourself. Oh, and take lots of pictures of your kiddos because you will not remember all the good times, all the smiles, and cuteness. It is important to capture the good.


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