25 Days of Oily Thankfulness || Day 15: Valor

25 Days of Oily Thankfulness

Day 15: Valor

Some of you know this, most of you don’t. Unfortunately, I have a social anxiety issue. Sometimes I will avoid events altogether just to avoid the butterflies in my stomach the nausea the headache and the anxiousness.

When I do have an event I have to attend, or host… I show up obnoxiously early, at least 45 minutes just to make sure that I get there. Even if I’ve been there 100 times before. I will then sit in my car and wait, only making matters worse for myself.
This is where it gets crazy, as soon as I walk into said event this feeling goes away. Through experimentation, I have discovered that my new best friend… Valor, is there to “hold my hand”. For those of you that do experience social anxiety you know exactly what I mean. This feeling is not fun. Hiding this feeling is even less fun.

Now some of you may be thinking “yeah right!” I am telling you, essential oils have been a life, and game changer for me. Valor is in the top running when it comes to this issue for me.

Valor is a blend of fractionated coconut oil, Spruce, rosewood, blue tansy, and frankincense. The blend was formulated to balance energies and instill courage, confidence, and self-esteem. It helps the body self correct it’s balance and alignment.

In addition to the oils, music, deep breaths = calming atmosphere.

If you would like to learn more about Young Living Essential Oils, you can click HERE or simply message me!  To follow me on Facebook, click HERE.

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