25 Days of Oily Thankfulness || Day 1: Thieves Household Cleaner

25 Days of Oily Thankfulness

Day 1: Thieves Household Cleaner 
Please say hello to my new best friend. S(he) is my newest sidekick in household cleaning. I was able to do my windows, mirrors, bathrooms, kitchen, floors, the baby’s toys – all with this amazing cleaner! Wow!

One cap (1tsp) with 1qt water as an all purpose cleaner in a spray bottle || 1/4tsp with 1qt water for glass and windows in a spray bottle || 1 cap with 6 cups water for floors. There are so many more uses: oven, dishwasher, clothes, pots and pans, heavy degreasing, DIY hand wash, etc.

As you can see a little goes a LONG way! The scent is light but very refreshing and clean smelling!

The best… It is all chemical free & because my child likes to “help” I don’t have to worry about him touching it!

You guys, this stuff is life changing!

Keep checking back… One of the days in November I will be giving away a free bottle of this!

click HERE for giveaway rules!

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3 thoughts on “25 Days of Oily Thankfulness || Day 1: Thieves Household Cleaner

  1. shoes says:

    Interesting… I am in my early 40’s (so when does one cross over from early to mid???) and still have not found my favorite-go-to household cleaner. I checked out reviews on your Thieves cleaner on Amazon and they mirror yours. Tempted to buy some and give it a try. Do you have hardwood floors and if so did you use it on that with positive results?

    Liked by 1 person

    • grayskymatters says:

      Omg mid 30s here I feel 21 some days 50 others (thank you one year old!) – I am seriously that person that used to bu every.single.product. on the market trying to find the “right” one.

      If I’m being honest, I was extremely hesitant to Purchase the Thieves Cleaner at first because it is $20 … BUT … After trying it, I am so glad I did! It is so universal & the smell is really nice! My son loves to be side be side “helping me” while I clean and not only did I get sick of saying “no!” I wanted something safer, something I didnt have to worry about if he touched it!

      Yes, I have do have wood floors in my home and after a spot test I happily approved! The floors look and smell great! I am a Young Living Distributor and can direct you to the right place to order if you’d like? My email: rachellecgallinger@gmail.com. Or you can follow my Facebook Page: GraySky Matters: https://www.facebook.com/groups/476958555818571/ – I am giving away a bottle of Thieves Cleaner this month!


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