birthday recap

I would have to say it was within the past three or so years that I stopped making a big deal out of my birthday.  Not for any reason, I just started getting older I suppose and stopped having expectations.


Sunday, the eve-of, all I really wanted to do was go to brunch with my husband and son. That morning my husband gave me the GREATEST t-shirt that read “Mama Bear” – of course I wore this to brunch. I didn’t know where brunch was as my husband made the reservation. We drove past where I thought we were going and ended up at the Boca Raton Resort! How exciting! As we arrived, so did six of my friends! I was so surprised and so excited!! We brunched and it was awesome! (minus my child’s bad attitude … here comes the terrible twos!)

After brunch, we went home, put the baby down for a nap and hung out by the pool for the afternoon! That was also perfect!

 Monday morning came, we got the baby ready and dropped him off at day care and then went to the gym together which we haven’t been able to in a LONG time! Even though it was leg day it was fun. Ha! We went out for breakfast together and really enjoyed it!

After the gym, my husband surprised me with an Aroma Massage at the Spa! It was amazing! It was relaxing, it was exactly what I needed!  I got home, changed and we left to go to the mall. Hubby bought me the prettiest dress! I am so excited to wear it! It has been a LONG time since the last time I tried anything on and truly felt pretty in it. Best yet, I found two dresses that day!

We went for lunch on the beach and enjoyed a cocktail. There is something delicious about being at the beach, with a drink on a Monday! Cheers!

Following lunch and an amazing day we picked the baby back up from daycare, went home and relaxed. Just when I thought it couldn’t get better … he made us dinner and did the dishes!

My birthday was perfect thanks to my amazing Husband!

H A P P Y . T H I R T Y – T H R E E . T O . M E


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