Hand-Foot-Mouth strikes again … we won this time!

Here we go … again … This time my son has the dreaded HFM (hand-foot-mouth). I am almost positive he picked it up from daycare, poor thing.The only good thing about me having this before is I know how to deal with it!  I immediately made an oils blend which I have been applying to his feet and spine hourly. Lots of water. Lots of snuggles and lots of patience.HFM.png

 It truly blows my mind how fast hand foot mouth creeps up. All was fine and then all of a sudden he started showing signs of complete irritability and little red bumps started appearing all over his feet. Luckily, as I said before, I am familiar enough with it that I was able to start treating it right away. Hopefully it will be a much quicker ordeal for him than it was for myself.

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