What is a Carrier Oil for Essential Oils?

What is a Carrier Oil for Essential Oils?

What is a carrier oil? A carrier oil is that oil cold pressed from the fatty part of a vegetable plant, such as the seeds from olives. This oil is used to “carry” essential and other oils to the skin, hence the name carrier oil. Some essential oils are very strong when undiluted and are easily evaporated at regular temperatures. A carrier oil will last longer than an essential because it is not as volatile and will take longer to evaporate. Unlike essential oils, carrier oils do not have a concentrated aroma, though same may have a light smell. The carrier oil or base oil is used to dilute an essential oil and is applied to the skin, keeping the skin from becoming irritated and allowing the essential oil to be effective on the body. It is also used in aromatherapy, allowing the essential oils to be carried through the air without them evaporating quickly.What is a Carrier Oil?

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