things that excite me right now

when did it happen? when did I stop wanting shoes and accessories and start wanting home appliances, decorations and self improvement items? age, it happens.  I kinda like the change.

Here is a bunch or random stuff that I am wanting in my life:

Marquee lights :: L O V E ::


A Cast Iron SkilletSKILLETseriously, the possibilities are endless in this thing! Thanks to Pinterest, I need this in my life like yesterday.  I have to try my pinned posts asap.

A classic Letter BoardLETTER BOARDIf you know mw at all, you know I love to make lists and I love signs. this is the best of both in one! omg, this seriously just makes me so excited.

The 52 Lists Project, book52 LISTS

speaking of lists ::this:: is amazing!  Moorea Seal created this amazing book because she too is a list lover.  List make me feel good, they keep me motivated, focused and make me feel accomplished.

A Wall Mounted Studio Paper RollROLLERSticking with a theme here … another place for lists, quotes, happy things, motivation, love notes. doodles, etc. This could be and will be my new happy place … one day.

A Balance Ball ChairBALANCE CHAIR

Why not work on my core while making lists. ha. no but seriously, how cool is this!

T-Shirts … a mama’s best friend. These are all so perfect!



Thug Life Shirts

I always try to support local or etsy shops – added bonus, they are usually best quality out there and unique!

The Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser from Young Living


Isnt she purdy!? I can imagine myself diffusing with my eyes closed pretending I am somewhere peaceful.


list list more list, photos, blogging, pinning, typing, IG’ing.

Monogramed “R” Coffee Mug MUG

There’s an Oil for That ToteTOTE

This list will continue to grow.  In the meantime I will just swoon and make them my goals!


4 thoughts on “things that excite me right now

  1. allirae21 says:

    I’m pretty sure I love everything on this list! And I know what you mean, I am constantly getting more excited to buy stuff for my apartment than for me to wear! Ha ha.


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