how to use every single drop of your essential oil

So we all know that moment… your Young Living essential oil bottle is empty!  ::insert tears::

Am I the only one that feels as though your sending your child off to school for the first time?!?! I think I seriously go into a short panic, run to my Essential Rewards Order and make sure I have a replacement in the cart!

So now what? What do you do with the empty bottle(s)? Here is what I do:

I start a jar of jars … Once they hit the top -or- I have a bottle I want to use the scent of, I create Epsom Salt blends for the bath! Before starting, I take a look at what I have and pair the oils I think will go well together, ex.: I have a peppermint, citrus fresh and lavender among my empty oils. These three will smell really nice together so I will use them together like this:   Pop the caps and tops off and the oil bottles and put them in a mason jar, fill with Epsom Salt!  I will lightly shake the jar around to get the salts in every nook and cranny. I also leave  them in the salt until I’m ready to use or atleast overnight. Doing this will pull all the oils out and into the Epsom Salt!  I love using the small 4oz mason jars for my sons bath blends!  Here is another option … Stand the empty bottles upright, fill with Epsom Salt and then add the tops. Sometimes I will omit the caps if I haven’t received my replacement oil be use I do have the Young Loving labels on them and don’t want them to loose their stickiness before transferring them to the new bottle! Now, when it comes to Thieves, I always think Thieves Tea! So rather than using it in a salt blend, I will add a little hot water (carefully) to the bottle causing the remaining oils to surface and then pour it into my mug!  Click HERE for the recipe! After removing the bottles from the salts, I will remove all the labels, and boil the jars to get the smell of the existing oil out. I will then use them as bottles for DIY blends! I also have the Young Living roller ball tops and use them on bottles for personal roller blends!


Hope you like this idea! I love knowing that I was able to use EVERY drop of my precious oil!

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