there’s an oil for that too

tonight Grayson is going to get a few drops of lavender oil on his piggies (feet) and then I will rub my hands over his crib sheets for extra lavender goodness! he is a bit cranky this evening and the lavender always helps mellow his mood before bed.   oh and I applied a dab to his chin too. He bopped himself in the face with a toy at daycare after he was bit, twice, by other teething babies. we applied lavender to those too. he truly loves helping me gather and apply the oils! I know he knows they make him feel good! we will be diffusing Gentle Baby tonight. 

…and yes, he is sitting on the counter. yes, I know he could fall off but don’t worry if he did, I have an oil for that too. “Nigh Nigh … muah!” — Grayson & Monkey

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