it’s still going to be a GREAT day …

6-595:15 a.m. – alarm
5:30 a.m. – child wakes up … early
5:45 a.m. – entertain child while getting ready for work // Husband gets ready for business trip
6:03 a.m. – get child dressed // try to get him to finish banana // drink water // pack self lunch // chug coffee
6:09 a.m. – husband brings suitcase into living room // child (weighs less than suitcase) picks-up and drops on foot … bleeds … everywhere
6:11 a.m. – meltdown continues // mom stops bleeding // dad franticly changes because white business shirt now has blood on it // mom uses Tide pen on blood spots
6:13 a.m. – child stops crying // dad has changed
6:14 a.m. – kisses at the front door // “buh-bye” muuuahhhh ::blows kisses::
6:16 a.m. – finally finishes banana & strawberries & unknown crumb on floor // mom finishes 1st cup of coffee, makes 2nd cup // packs lunch
6:17 a.m. – child insists on riding Thomas the Train through the kitchen … twice !!CHOO-CHOO!!
6:23 a.m. – shoes – but first Lavender Oil on the owie + bandaid // socks // shoes = “nooooooo” ….. 6:24 … 6:25 … 6:26 …bandaid6:29 a.m. – running later than usual but out the door and on the way to daycare. “All of Me” – John Legend [wedding song] spills over the speakers and all the chaos is gone


6:42 a.m. – back in the car // driving to work … alone.

as I look back on the chaos this morning I can’t help but smile. although it is hectic sometimes. although it is nuts and a bit too fast paced for anything before 7:00a.m., it is mine. although it could be easier … I don’t think it would be as exciting.

Today is going to be a GREAT day because I have the ability to make it one. mugs


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