The Upside 

if it’s happened to you, you know this moment makes our heart pretty much stop: you’re at work, your phone rings and its Daycare … 

my little one threw up and was crying all morning so we had to go pick him up. Thankfully my Husband was able to get there within a few minutes to get him and provide Dada Comfort (it’s a thing) I left my office a few hours later to get home to him.

Today we stayed in our pjs. In between cuddles and sassiness I disinfected every area of the house, including hand washing every 10 minutes (okay not that much but you get the point)   

I filled the diffuser an hour before my little one woke up with Peppermint and Orange for a nice refreshing and enegergizing start to my day knowing i’d need it – that and 2.5 cups of coffee. Followed by Thieves Tea.   As he self entertained I wiped down all the counters, cabinets and all the touched on surfaces with my DIY spray: Once naptime rolled around I made a very large glass of water with Lime, Orange and Lemon Oil for a nice boost! So refreshing and so great for overall immune support! 

I then began mopping – Tea Tree and Orange to the rescue! Once that was over … So was naptime. On to snacks! He would have ate 10 of these is I would have allowed it! One drop Orange essential oil and he was devouring this! Win Win!Having a child under the weather is never easy but we manage and we make it through the day … one drop at a time! 

If you are interested in Essential Oils, please message me. I’d love to help you start your journey! 


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