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Why does our family use oils? Less than a year ago, our family decided to start incorporating essential oils by Young Living into our everyday routine as a means of replacing some of our first aid items with products that chemical free.  I had heard from many friends that essential oils helped their babies sleep naturally so I wanted to get my hands on some of that!  I had also heard that they can help clear up skin problems and are great for boosting your immune system.  I figured there was no harm in trying oils out and decided at the very least, I might actually save money!

I really had no idea that what I was buying was way more comprehensive than just a few pretty bottles of magical sleep oil.  I started to do a little more research and found out that essential oils can help hundreds of things and we now use them for everything from teething, immune boosting, calming moods, killing bacteria through safe cleaning products, preventing colds, lessening cramps during that time of the month, congestion, seasonal discomforts, and to help with my anxiety.  So basically, everything.

What are essential oils?   essential oils are the life blood of a plant, made up of complex compounds that when cold pressed and distilled, can work in our bodies in hundreds of ways.  Because the molecules in essential oils are so so small, they have the capacity to heal at a cellular level, which a lot of medicines cannot even do!  In turn, they help restore balance to our bodies naturally.

What can Essential Oils help with?  so many things – the list is pretty much endless and also growing!  I have been able to get rid of all over the counter medicine (minus a few things, of course) and we are using essential oils to help heal and balance out our bodies.  It took me awhile to get here, but persistence helped me realize that these oils were actually working and doing a better job than medicine I had bought at the drugstore.  For example, instead of popping pain relief medicine, I will use peppermint oil on my temples, back of neck and on spot of irritation to get rid of head pressure.  No more expensive face creams that only break the bank … I use coconut oil + frankincense + lavender + melaleuca for a fraction of the cost and actual results!

What kind of oils do you use?  We only use oils made by Young Living because we love that they have their own farms and are in complete control over their products from start to finish.   This is so important to us because we feel that knowing the source is key in getting the best results from the oils.  Most oil companies have middlemen and buy plants from random farms to make their oils.  Young Living does not.  They hand pick organic seeds and see them through the distillation process, where they test and test for perfection before bottling up.  I thought, if we are going to use Essential Oils in place of most medicines, I wanted to make sure the oils were 100% pure and not treated with pesticides.  Also, each bottle of oil can be traced to its’ source, how cool is that!?

Where and how should I start?  I always direct people to where I started, and where most do when beginning their journey with Essential Oils.  Young Living has put together an amazing starter kit for beginners containing 11 everyday oils, a diffuser, and a lot of samples and information packets.  It is called the Premium Starter Kit and sells for $150 to wholesale members.  This kit is perfect for those new to using essential oils because it contains some of the most popular oils, such as thieves, lavender, peppermint, stress away, and lemon to name a few.  This kit has everything you need for a basic natural first aid kit and has hundreds upon hundreds of uses.  I am attaching a document to show you what is all in this kit.  I do not really care for the other kits, they are kind of lame.  You just pay a lot for samples, not bottles of oils…

YOUNG LIVINGYou can buy the Premium Starter Kit here:

If I sign up as a wholesale distributer what does that mean?  The main reason most individuals sign up as wholesale members is to get 24% off all of their purchases.  Wholesale members end up saving more money and also have the opportunity to be a part of Young Living’s rewards program called Essential Rewards if they so choose.  Wholesale members do not have to sell a darn thing if they do not want to.  In fact, most Young Living wholesale distributers do not! Being wholesale gives you the option of selling if you want but NEVER makes that a requirement.

What is Essential Rewards?  (ER) is Young Living’s monthly autoship program that lets you chose what product you want each month and gives you points based on what you order.  Then, you can turn those points into free products!  Who doesn’t love FREE?  The minimum you have to purchase is $50.  ER also lets you change your shipping day each month and gives you low flat-rate shipping costs. I love ER because it has allowed us to slowly build our medicine cabinet by spacing out what oils we want from month to month, while getting free products along the way.  It’s a win-win program really.  Another thing I love about ER is you can cancel at anytime with no-strings-attached.  Should you choose to stick with the ER program, you are allowed to skip one-month per year!

I’ve got my oils, now what? Education is everything!  I wholeheartedly believe this because without education, those pretty bottles just sit there and collect dust just like anything else.  I love helping those who sign up under me learn how to use their oils right off the bat by adding them to our private facebook page which is full of support, ideas, online and in-person classes an so much more.   Our team, Lavender & Grace, has a private Facebook page for wholesale distributers that is an encouraging space where you can ask hundreds of questions and get answers really fast from our amazing members!

Some good resources: 

– If you have kids or are pregnant get the book called Gentle Babies it’s so so good

– Our team’s private FB page called Essential Families

Essential Oils Reference Guide, by Life Science Publishing

I hope this information was beneficial to you!  If you ever have any specific questions, let me know, I love helping others learn all about them!


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