un-likeable – the first 24-hours


I knew I was on Facebook way too much which is one of the main reasons I deactivated my account.  What I didn’t realize was just how much I mindlessly grabbed my phone.  Along with deactivating my account I deleted the app as well as the messenger app… first thought: my phone looks empty.

So I know it has only been 24-hours but already I have used my “free-time” better! I spent more time with my son, more time speaking to my husband, more time in the kitchen cooking (which I love to do) and didn’t worry about taking photos of everything I was doing.

I already feel freedom.

I didn’t announce I was deactivating to anyone except my sisters and husband.  I am kind of curious if anyone will notice if I am gone.  Do my friends live in my phone//computer? Time shall reveal this.


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