How I dealt with Hand-Foot-Mouth [HFM] as an Adult

I had no idea what hand-foot-mouth (HFM), was until I had a child.  A friend of mine got it and all I could think was damn, that SUCKS!

Fast forward six months … Sunday I ran around and did my weekend errands. I was fine all day! I woke up Monday morning with what I thought was a spider bite on my finger.  I went to work and within a few hours I started getting bumps on my chin and hands. As time passed, the itchiness grew to be very intense. At that time, I decided to call my doctor.  He confirmed that it sounded like I had HFM!!

The upside, my son does not have it, thank god! I am pretty sure I picked it up at Babies-R-Us.


Day 1: As I stated above, it started off with what I thought was a spider-bite. It itched and was 2 small blisters.
IMG_6271The blisters then moved to my face. I thought I had a few pimples until they started itching like crazy. The few turned into a full rash with blisters covering my chin and around my mouth. It hurts to open my mouth because it feels like my face is cracking! IMG_6270IMG_6260My hands both have small, pen-head sized blisters on them. Both hands feel numb like the tingle feeling you get when your leg falls asleep. When I do anything causing pressure, my hand hurt!


Ibuprofen: It doesn’t help much, but it does take the edge off.

Raw Organic Coconut Oil: I have been applying this as heavy as I can without it dripping off my face and hands! It does provide relief. As soon as I feel dryness, I reapply.

Water: I have been drinking tons of water! It has helped with the sore throat and also keeping my body hydrated.

Washing Hands: every time I touch my face, or a blister, I make sure to wash my hands thoroughly (20 seconds with warm water & soap). I have been drying my hands of paper towels, instead of a towel to help prevent it from spreading.

Rest: This one, I am trying to do but it’s kind of hard when you have a very active 11-month-old child.

Essential Oils hfm

Day 2:

I did not sleep at all last night! Between the itching and the pain I was up every 2 hours!

I did call my son’s daycare and told them that I will be keeping him home for 48-hours as a precaution!

Hoping today gets better! I will update!

UPDATE: The blisters have spread along my hands & between my fingers. The itching & pain is enough to drive me insane!
IMG_6264IMG_6265I have been obsessively applying coconut oil to my face which is now a combination of new blisters, popped blisters, scabs, and a rash! The blisters have spread into, yes IN, my nostrils which I’m sure you an imagine is painful as hell. IMG_6261My feet have started to tingle but I don’t see any visible blisters, bumps, or a rash.

Day 3:
In a desperate attempt for any kind of relief, I posted a plea on my FaceBook page.

A friend of mine … within minutes … Dropped off a blend of Young Living Essential Oils which included: Thieves, Purification, Lemon and Oregano – the carrier oil was organic coconut oil. I think I sprinted to the bathroom and lathered it on my face! I honestly felt soothing relief within a few minutes. Although the pain and discomfort was still there it was not as intense.

I continued to apply the essential oil mixture every few hours to the affected areas. In addition, my husband picked me up a bottle of  Elderberry Syrup which I have been taking 2 teaspoons of 3 times a day.

Click here for my Essential Elderberry Syrup Recipe

The face blisters are pretty much all scabs now which I am hoping is a sign of healing. It is painful because of the tightening. The insides of my nostrils are still very raw and hurt pretty bad.
IMG_6267My hands have more blisters but they seem to be under the skin which I think might be better than if they were topical and popping.

Last night when I took a shower, I couldn’t even wash my hair because the tips of my fingers were so sensitive.
Day 4:
Although I have a few blisters on my feet, the placement isn’t causing too much discomfort. I can feel them when I walk but it’s not excruciating, thank God! I have been applying coconut oil and the essential oil mixture to my feet and keeping them covered with socks.

I can see signs of healing on my face but the blisters are all scabs so it doesn’t look much different. The tightness doesn’t make it feel much different because now it’s hard to open my mouth because of the tightness.IMG_6295-0
Not much of a change with my hands, they still have the under the surface blisters and the tingling is still there.

Day 5:

I feel ALIVE!!! For the first time all week I am not in pain!
Still applying the Essential Oils blend, hydrating and not picking or itching.I can see healing! Although still visible, MUCH better!IMG_6390Here’s to hoping all the marks will be GONE within a few days!

UPDATE: by Day 7, I was 100% healed up and back to normal!  I swear I owe it ALL to the essential oils!  It was this incident, this awfulness and the healing results that made me a TRUE believer in Essential Oils!


If you would like to order your own Young Living Premium Starter Kit, you can do so my clicking HERE. Essential oils are a great, natural tool to have on hand BEFORE you need them! Trust me!SHARE ON FB POST

If you have any questions please message me, I would love to help you start your oily journey! It will change your life!

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6 thoughts on “How I dealt with Hand-Foot-Mouth [HFM] as an Adult

  1. Allison says:

    I’m so thankful to read that you survived this! My whole little family is in various stages of this right now and it’s bloody awful!! What did you do to ensure the virus was eradicated after it had run its course? Linen washing, sanitizing, etc?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Krissy says:

    Hi- After frantically searching for information about adult HFMD I came across your blog post. It’s really weird, what I’m going through now seems almost identical to what you posted. I am at the end of day 5 and my mouth looks so much better, I was beginning to think I would look like this forever but today gave me hope. One thing you don’t mention that I’m experiencing is numbness in my fingertips. Did you experience that? Some other accounts I’ve read say that people peel horrible for weeks after. Did you peel? I’m hoping I continue on the route that you did, and am completely heeled by day 7. Thanks for this post- it’s giving me hope!

    Liked by 1 person

    • GraySky Matters says:

      You poor thing. I don’t recall about the numbness, I just remember the sensitivity. I did peel but that was very minimal as you can see in the photos I posted it was more dryness. I truly believe the essential oils I used prevented it from
      being worse & lingering. Are you using the oils as well? It’s not too late to start. No, I didn’t feel horrible for weeks either & I also feel that was because of the oils repairing my immune system and skin. Would love to get you info if you need them. You can email me at if you’d like. Feel better! -Rachelle


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