I am the Mom you love to Hate

I make organic homemade pumpkin pancakes and cut them into shapes like stars and hearts.

I make all of my child’s food and try whenever possible to limit the sugar involved in it.

I post 1,001 photos of my child on Facebook and Instagram, and you like it (btw).

I am the grammar police around my child. Dropping an F-bomb around any child is unacceptable, period.

My SUV sports a “baby on board” sticker.

I am a working mother.

I read to my child every day.

I lost almost every pound of my baby weight within the first few months postpartum because I worked out with my child and also go to the gym.

I don’t let my child play with my iPhone, iPad, remote control, or watch TV.

My baby shower was Pinterest inspired and my sons first birthday will also be.

But the one thing I think that you will probably hate the most about me is this … although I am ALL of the things above (and more), I am not the mom that judges YOU for not being just like me.

So what if I do all of these things?! I do all of these things because it makes me feel good. Why do YOU care?

YOU and I have a lot in common and that is way too often overlooked

We both love our children very much.

We both protect our children with all our might.

We both do our best every day!

Although our best may not look the same, it is still the best!

So please, if you are a mother, and you are reading this, please stop posting/sharing those articles titled “5 types of moms we hate” – that is a form of bullying and shaming of other parents.

It is mean and it hurts!

“What Susie says about Sally, says more about Sally then it says about Susie”



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