My first 5K!

I have never been a runner – I actually hated it very much! After meeting my husband I became a little bit more fond of working out but still didn’t like running. IMG_3656.JPGAfter having my child I realized that the fastest way to my pre-pregnancy weight was running … So I ran, and ran some more & then quit for a while because I remembered I hated it and I got lazy (just being honest).

My husband registered us for The 28th Annual Turkey Trot. I had all intentions of jogging/walking. Once I started I found myself jogging/running the entire time! I finished the 5K in 35:00 minutes flat while pushing a stroller! I must say I feel pretty proud of myself. It is not the best time but for me it is really great! IMG_3658.JPGI am very proud of my husband, his finish time was 26:46! Afterwords, we celebrated with mimosas & then a nap! IMG_3661.JPG


3 thoughts on “My first 5K!

  1. caronbot says:

    I know it’s not related AT ALL to the post, but that is some nice ink work on your arm.

    My wife is working on a sleeve herself, but hers is based around cartoon characters we bonded over 😛


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