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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Are you ready? One,Two, FREE!

today marks two weeks into our vegetarian decision. my husband and I are finding this to be super easy and really fun! we are enjoying cooking and trying new meals and I love that in the short period of time I am already noticing physical changes. part of that has been the yoga two times a week thanks to my new found love for Yoga Journey’s classes!

the more I take control of my health, I am discovering so much about myself. my strengths, weaknesses and goals I didn’t know I had. The goals I have to be the best I can be for my kids, husband and most importantly for myself. I want to feel 25 when I am 40, I want to look in the mirror and be proud of who I see. I do know that if I keep this awareness up … I will!

the first step I took was looking into alternative ways to address health concerns, naturally. I addressed seasonal discomfort first and went from there. It has been a few years now and I can honestly say I feel GREAT!

cedarwood essential oil is a must have in our home for so many reasons, it was actually the first oil I bought outside of the starter kit. if you want to see why, you’ll get a bottle from me if you decide now is the time for you to start your essential oil journey with me.

c e d a r w o o d :
+ hair
+ sleep
+ skin
+ mood (yes, yours & hers)
+ focus
… to name a few. google it, there are a ton of amazing uses!

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I didn’t see that coming.

breatheHave you ever been at the beach, standing in the ocean when suddenly a wave sneaks up on you and tosses your body around, knocking you off balance? That is exactly how I have been feeling lately.  In a place where I should feel nothing but peaceful I have been feeling off.

Yesterday, I decided to take a yoga class.  For those of you that know me, know that I am a routine freak.  Monday – Friday I do the same thing, day in and day out.  Schedules and systems help me stay put together.  However, lately I have been feeling anything but.

Something has been missing.  I knew I needed some me time – some time to do something good for myself without the guilt.  The Mom guilt of leaving the kids at daycare a little longer.  The guilt of putting off household duties for yet another night.  The guilt of winging it for dinner rather than planning it all out.  I needed space.  Space for ME.

The anxiety was there as I parked my car and walked into the building …. is the class going to start on time … is it going to end on time … what if I can’t do the moves the instructor says to move into … are the kids going to be okay … what am I going to make for dinner.

My mind was flooded along with what felt like every drop of blood in my body.  I was  mentally and physically exhausted as I sat in the empty yoga studio on my mat.  I sat, alone, in silence for minutes … I took this time to reset my intention.  Reset my focus. I sat and I was still.  I rolled my oils on my wrists, neck and chest & started to breathe deeply, letting go of all the toxic emotions I carried in with me.
breathe roller + diffuser
As class started, a beautiful woman walked into the room and began to speak to a now full room. Her voice was calming and her presence was light but obvious.  As she spoke, softly she told us to close our eyes and breathe … thanking ourselves for being there, for waking up today.  In that very moment, something came over me & fast…

I cried. HARD.  So hard in fact, I almost had to leave the room.  The tears poured from my eyes flooding my face onto my mat.  My fingers couldn’t catch the tears fast enough.  All that toxicity was leaving me, in a hurry.  As the last tear fell from my eyes a weight lifted from my chest. I felt lighter.  I felt like I could breathe. I smiled and took the deepest breath I have all month.

I continued through class and as I finished I felt strong.  Emotionally strong.  I left feeling weightless.

Mamas (& note to self):
Don’t get so wrapped up in trying to perfect your title and duties that you lose yourself.
Don’t feel guilty for carving out some YOU time.
Don’t wait until you reach a point that you feel desperate and NEED the time.

I am learning this the hard way but I am committing to this time not only for me but for my family.  I am finding that when I don’t allow myself this time, my family suffers, my friends, my co-workers and my clients.

Those mountains you are carrying, you were supposed to climb.

I have NO idea what I am doing.

good morning.2f1ed0c9efb65069f3cf90d9672721c3(earmuffs if you’re sensitive AF): this morning was a shitshow of sorts. not even going to sugarcoat that one. blame it on the solar nonsense, toddlers being toddlers, life …. call it what you will, it was not the best start to the day.

I didn’t even do my hair & didn’t realize it until I got to my office – thank gawd messy-bun is an actual thing. I may be winning at this one.

after we finally wrangled our sass-ass child into the car, shoeless & full of tears I decided to blast that Moana song. it worked. by the third time it played he was singing along. I told him “today, I am thankful for you & Moana” – he sheepishly said “me too, Mama”

as I got him out of the car, he looked at me and said: “sorry we had a rough start this morning” – obviously, the tears poured out of my face which is fine, now my make-up is matching me hair. I pretty much look hungover without the fun story to accompany my shameful appearance.

we hugged. a lot of hugs. we moved on and agreed on one thing:

today is going to be a great day BECAUSE, today is a great day to have a great day.

side note:
don’t be dumb during the eclipse. not worth your eyesight.

DIFFUSING: Release + Valor

Yoga in the Park: Family Style

How often do you take advantage of what your city has to offer? How often do you search for “something to do” but don’t follow through because it is either too expensive, too far, not the right time? 

My husband and I have known for a while that there is yoga in the park every Saturday morning. We have avoided it because we either thought it was going to be too complicated with kids, I had a broken foot, excuses, you know how it goes. Yesterday, we decided to get up and just go! Boy, are we glad we did! What a fun experience!So yes, there were a few “hiccup” moments when we had to remind our three-year-old to stop running past peoples heads and to calm down. Moments when we had to remind him that maybe making fart noises on his sisters stomach may not be appropriate, right now. We did have a diaper change and a requirement for milk… Right now! From my infant daughter. We delt with it, we made it through and got a wonderful workout in!After the class, we did turn around and apologize to the 10 people surrounding us, not a single one of them minded. We actually had one woman tell us that we inspired her to bring her nine month old daughter next time. We had a man walk up to us and tell us that his wife wanted to offer to hold our baby so I could do yoga. This, this is an amazing community of people!​​

​We left with an overwhelming sense of gratitude, not only for yoga that morning but the way people in our community opened their hearts to us and made us feel really, really great rather than bad about sticking out a little bit.


what ‘they’ didn’t tell me.

So here is some of the stuff they don’t tell you about being and adult + having kids … it isn’t always easy (but it is always worth it).
0288a64545269f6ce3db95f06b2fd9deMy daughter is sick, she has her first real doozy of a cold you know, that one that is so hard to see them go through but we as parents know “this too shall pass” – more than anything I know in my heart what she needs is her Mama.  The extra hugs, kisses, sways back and forth until she falls asleep in my arms kinda love all day.  The extra milk only a Mama can provide.

Here is the part they don’t tell you: they don’t tell you that calling out of work (again) because your children come first, and always will, becomes difficult.  There is a gut-wrenching guilt that comes along with having to do what is right. I know my nine-to-five (7-3) however you want to chalk it up, needs me too & I get that … so why is it so hard to do the right thing and make that call … send that email?  Does this guilt ever go away? Is this the motivation … that feeling that is actually a sign?

Until I figure that out … I will be snuggling my little until the tears and sniffles stop running.

LISTENING TO: James Bay – Scars … & the rain outside our windows (seems fitting)
DIFFUSING: Thieves + Orange Essential Oil

How Fast Do Essential Oils Work?

How Fast Do Essential Oils Work?

You might have heard claims about how essential oils have helped people focus, relax, get energized, or get really calm.

How do Essential Oils Affect Emotions?

Essential Oils and your Brain

Essential oils affect your emotions directly through your nose.

The sense of smell is called olfaction and is executed by the olfactory system of your body.

In fact, through olfaction your body senses chemicals in the air (yes, there is amazing science happening in your face right now).

The journey of essential oils to your brain starts as essential oil molecules (yes, tiny bits of the oil itself) travel through your nose to your olfactory epithelium where some of them are absorbed.

Next, olfactory receptors (in the form of tiny hairs called cilia) in the olfactory epithelium are stimulated by the aroma.  We don’t know what exactly causes these receptors to be triggered into action.

  • It could be the shape or size of the essential oil molecules.
  • It might be the electrical charge of the essential oils or a combination of elements.

In any case, when the receptors are activated, they send an electrical signal to the olfactory bulb that is located very close by.

We’re getting very close to the exciting part so stick with me!

There are special cells in the olfactory bulb (mitral cells and others) that receive the signals about the essential oils and transmit that directly to the brain.

Which parts of the brain get the message?  This information is communicated to the amygdala, hypothalamus, hippocampus, and other areas of the brain. These individual components are part of the collective limbic system.

What does the limbic system control?

The limbic system is responsible for emotion, behavior, motivation, memory, and learning.

Therefore, when you inhale tiny molecules of essential oils you are communicating directly with your feeling area of the brain.

How does the brain respond to this olfactory stimulation?

When you smell essential oils, your body can respond by releasing endorphins (which can help relaxation), seratonin (which aids in calming), and even noradrenaline (which is a stimulant). (Woods-Lavoie, 2001)

These responses mean that the act of inhaling essential oils can help your body calm, relax, or get energized.

All from just smelling!

Varying Effects of Essential Oils on Mood, Motivation, and Emotion

The scientific community has recently (mostly over the last few decades) begun to do more research and testing on the power of essential oils on cognition and emotion. How do they affect the way we think and feel?

Researchers have studied how essential oils affect brain activities and cognitive function. They’ve actually charted out the areas of the brain that “light up” when you smell oils.

This included recording the significant effects of essential oils on thinking, mood, and the ways we handle stress. (Sowndhararajan, 2016)

A few studies to get you excited about where we can go with oils:

  • Research suggests that aromatherapy with Petitgrain essential oil can positively affect workplace performance.  Researchers believe that the combination reduces stress and increases attentiveness. (Huang, 2016)
  • Scientists note the significant effect of Lavender essential oil in reducing stress in new mothers. (Kianpour, 2016)
  • Researchers are interested in doing more research to find out how essential oils can combat mental fatigue. They tested a small group of participants using a custom blend of Peppermint, Basil, and Helichrysum essential oils. (Varney, 2013)
  • Significant improvement in overall stress levels can be attained for some individuals from using a custom blend of 12 essential oils. (Steflitsch, 2015)
  • Rosemary essential oil has been found to positively impact memory quality as well as alertness in healthy adults. (Moss, 2003)
  • Healthy adults have been noted to experience Lavender essential oil creating a greater sense of contentment. (Moss, 2003)
  • Orange and Lavender essential oils have been found to alter the emotional state by improving mood. (Lehrnera, 2005)
  • Peppermint essential oil has been found to enhance memory and increase alertness in healthy subjects. (Moss, 2008)
  • In healthy adults, Ylang Ylang essential oil causes a significant increase in calmness when enjoyed aromatically. (Moss, 2008)
  • Inhalation of Ylang Ylang essential oil can also increase self-esteem and confidence by helping to create a balanced sense of personal competence with personal value, as concluded by one pilot study. (Gnatta, 2014)
  • With an upcoming test, students showed less exam stress after inhaling Lavender essential oil. (Kutlu, 2008)

Finally, it’s important to note that essential oils do not affect all people in the same manner or to the same degree.

In fact, there is research around how our expectation of oils affects their performance in our system.

Additionally, it’s also not understood how much the pleasantness and intensity of an aroma can affect their performance for mood enhancement. (Chamine, 2016)

Of course, this is definitely not an exhaustive list of research that has taken place. We just thought it would be fun to whet your appetite for this type of information, like it did ours!

Consequently, we believe that as more studies are published we will continue to gain a deeper understanding of how people can use essential oils to positively affect their emotions, memory, and everyday lives.

How You Can Experience Results

There are many ways you can experience elevated mood, relaxation, increased focus, calm, increased peace and more by using your essential oils.  Remember that the olfactory system is how we talk to the brain to change our moods.

So all you need to do is smell your oils to have an effect.


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    15-ml Clarity™:
    With an earthy blend of Basil, Rosemary, Peppermint, Lemon, and more, this oil’s aroma helps invite a feeling of clarity and alertness. Diffuse it while studying, sending off emails, or checking other items off your to-do list.

    15-ml Citrus Fresh™:
    School is important, but kids still need to have fun! Diffuse this bright, cheerful blend—made with Orange, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lemon, Mandarin, and Spearmint—during play time when homework is done.

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    5-ml Envision™: Got big dreams for the future? Chase them with help from the inviting and invigorating aroma of Envision! It uses Black Spruce, Orange, Lavender, and more to stimulate feelings of creativity and resourcefulness.

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    Is Today a Great Day to have a Great Day?

    The greatest source of unhappiness comes from inside.” ― Jim Rohn

    what is it that is holding you back from being happy? are you the kind of person that always sees the downside vs. the greatness in a situation? do you complain that it is too hot outside or are you thankful that the sun is shining?
    A D J U S T
    sounds easy right? I know it isn’t like flipping a light switch & all of a sudden you are happy, I get it BUT you can change the way you view life and in time, your small changes will create a large impact within yourself.
    for those of you that are parents; you are familiar with the whole bedtime ‘routine’ – wake-up ‘routine’ – after school ‘routine’ … but what about YOU?
    do you have a routine for yourself to create a path for your day? do you have a routine to unwind, unload and give thanks?
    I do. and let me tell you, it helps so much!
    wake up
    wash face + apply essential oils:
    great for balance. if you are a female, you need this magical potion. if you are a male and have a female in your life, she needs it. you will thank me. I promise it will change you.

    I then proceed with the Great Day Protocol, formulated by Gary Young. 

    Valor Essential Oil, also known for balancing the body’s electrical energy. Apply a few drops in the palm of your left hand, gently rub your palms together, and bring your oiled palms to your nose and inhale. Set your intention for the day, utilizing the grounding properties of this blend. Next, put some Valor on the back of your neck and then place another drop on the inside of your wrists and hold your wrist together for a moment. As you hold the pulse points of your wrists together, again breathe in the oil blend and take a moment to be still while affirming your intentions for the day. What state of being would you like to cultivate? What do you want to accomplish today?
    Place a drop of Harmony on your left palm, rub your palms together, inhaling the oil blend and place some Harmony on your solar plexus, just below your sternum, and above your belly button. This is your third chakra, or your “will” energy center. As you inhale the aroma, use the affirmation, “Let my will harmonize and align to the greater good for all I connect with today.” You may have a specific intention for harmonizing with your customers, your co-workers, family, friends, etc.
    This blend is one of Young Living’s signature essential oils. Place a drop of Joy into your left palm, rub your hands together, and slowly inhale the scent. Then place your hands on your heart. If you are looking to become more open hearted, use these moments to let this blend infuse into your heart’s desire.
    This blend is known for its properties for energetic protection, like a bouncer for negative energy or disturbing thoughts. Place a drop of White Angelica in your left palm, rub your palms together and deeply inhale. Then gently brush your palms over the crown of your head, down your neck, shoulders, chest, torso, and all the way down your legs to your feet. Imagine this blend encasing your entire body, like a guardian shield. Again, revisit your intention for your day.


    during my drive to daycare with my kids, we go over a list of things we are thankful for.  we do this every single day.  doing this sets a tone to be appreciative which creates happiness.  this encourages us to focus on all the good in our lives.

    sometimes it is simple like, I am thankful for the sun.  other days we are thankful for the way a specific person was to us or for a specific thing someone did for us.  the way we love someone or how lucky we are to have jobs, food to eat, shoes on our feet, friends to laugh with. you will find that in time, this list grows and becomes so much more intentional.

    this is now something that I crave, like my coffee. being thankful is never a bad thing. the greatest part … my three-year-old will start the list if I don’t, he too needs and loves this exercise.

    what are you thankful for?